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Hexane is a complete game engine for the development of AAA-quality console, PC and mobile games. And we use it exclusively.

Want details? Okay then:

Versatile Graphics Engine

  • Scalable: Texture & geometry streaming
  • Deferred lighting engine supports large numbers of dynamic light sources and lighting effects
  • Post-processing engine provides a large library of rich filmic and gameplay effects

Powerful character engine

  • Artist- & designer- driven character animation tools mean that rich new characters and monster animation & behaviours can be authored without dependencies on programmers
  • AI engine allows new character behaviours to be easily created, using Goal Oriented Action Planning

Rapid iteration toolchain

  • Most tools allow for real-time edits to the game
  • Less downtime (waiting for game to rebuild/reload) = More tuning time (polish)

Future-proof technology

  • Proprietary platform-agnostic job manager allows engine code to load balance efficiently across an arbitrary number of CPU cores and hardware threads
  • DirectX 11 features pave the way for next-gen consoles

If you're beginning a large-scale game production and think Hexane might be good fit, email us at

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