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Let's be honest, making video games is a pretty brilliant way to spend the workday. Some say we're a lucky bunch, but we've worked hard to build a company that produces not only incredible games, but also happy staffers. Launched in 2005, we've grown the Slant Six team from 15 to over 70, cementing ourselves as a rare big independent game producer. Much like the unique and nearly bulletproof engine that inspires our name, Slant Six hangs its hat on quality from tip to tail.

Game quality like that takes quality people, and we've got them in spades. From Developers and Artists, to management and Producers, our team works hard and plays harder. And being that all these people are far from normal, we have some abnormal perks. A company ski pass you can take out anytime for a ride at Cypress, lunch and beers on Friday, summer baseball and BBQ sessions and a flat structure (where everyone is informed of all the facts regardless of seniority) contributes to an open and fun workplace.

Thought Leadership

We not only make games, we eat, sleep and breathe them, too. Check out a few of the presentations and white papers we've developed for conferences and gamers around the world.


"Working with them enabled us to incorporate their know-how into the game, giving the series a new feel. The ideas from the people at Slant Six Games also provided a nice fresh stimulus for the development staff here at Capcom.

Slant Six Games has established themselves as one of the leading producers of quality shooters, which is why we chose to team up with them. Working with Slant Six Games, we wanted to take advantage of the keen insight they have on developing games for their market."

Capcom Producer Masachika Kawata, Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

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