Brain Blow Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Blow is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Prepare for a Brain Blow! Try to complete every task of this genius game and develop your logic and attention. Every trivia might give you a hint, but solutions don’t come that easy — you gotta think outside the box.

Brain Blow Answers
Find the biggest object on the screen Level 1
Find the apple that's different Level 2
What's the highest? Level 3
How many goats do you see on the scree? Level 4
Which cup will fill up first? Level 5
Guess the number under the token Level 6
Find the hiding duckling! Level 7
Find the largest fire Level 8
Which shape has the most sides? Level 9
How many triangles are there in the pentagram? Level 10
Put the red square into the frame Level 11
Help the baby kitten drink milk Level 12
What's the darkest color on the screen? Level 13
What color prevails here? Level 14
How many hairs are left on grandpa's head? Level 15
Find the baby duck! Level 16
Breakfast time! Find what you can eat Level 17
How many bugs do you see? Level 18
Hit the jackpot! Level 19
Wake up the kitten Level 20
It's a race Help the piglet win! Level 21
Find something you can eat Level 22
Get to the bone! Level 23
Level Level 24
Buy an elephant Level 25
Which hand is out of place? Level 26
How many ants do you see on the screen? Level 27
Wake up the bat! Level 28
Find something you can't eat Level 29
Whack-a-mole! Level 30
Imagine moving one matchstick to make the biggest number. What's the number? Level 31
Can you solve equation? Level 32
Make a semicircle from these shapes Level 33
Find 8 animals in the picture Level 34
What number will the hour hand point to in 4 hours? Level 35
Find Book No 6 Level 36
Move 1 matchstick to solve the equation Level 37
Find the hexagon Level 38
Correct the equation Level 39
How many ice cream cones do you see? Level 40
Find the photo Level 41
What's the number under the car? Level 42
Find the mother duck Level 43
Find the number 8! Level 44
Tap the dragonfly above the text! Level 45
Fin the hidden stars Level 46
Fix the equation to make it true Level 47
Complete the maze and reach the end! Level 48
Put all the coins in the piggy bank. How many coins are in there now? Level 49
Light the 3rd lamp Level 50
Why doesn't this cat catch mice? Level 51
It's too bright! Help the get to sleep Level 52
Help the squirrel get his nut Level 53
Find the worm! Level 54
Move 3 matchsticks to turn the fish to the right Level 55
Please help turn on the toaster! Level 56
Turn this pyramid the left in 3 moves Level 57
Find the largest rectangle Level 58
Put the shapes in their right frames! Level 59
Dad's coming! Hide the phone! Level 60
Help the kid eat his ice cream Level 61
Move 2 matchstick to turn the house to the right Level 62
How many cats are in the room? Level 63
How mnay donuts do you see? Level 64
How many birds are sitting on the tree? Level 65
Who's the killer? Solve the crime! Level 66
How do you build a ship in a bottle? Level 67
The boy lost his penny! Where is it? Level 68
Find the bear! Level 69
Beat John in tic-tac-toe to keep going! Level 70
What is the minium number of cuts needed to cut the circle into 8 equal parts? Level 71
Go through the level! Level 72
Make it so the river flows Level 73
Empty the glass Level 74
Turn the light on! Level 75
Push the buttom! Level 76
Draw a continuous line so that it crosses ALL pieces of the image ONLY once Level 77
Help the baby fall asleep Level 78
Find the cat! Level 79
Tap the red square 10 times and then the green square 5 times Level 80
Feed the piglet! Level 81
Push the green button Level 82
Set the Christmas Tree alight! Level 83
Put 4 apples into the basket Level 84
Continue the sequence Level 85
Open the chest Level 86
Push the red button! Level 87
Is the glass half full or half empty? Level 88
Free the elephant! Level 89
How many berries are in the picture? Level 90
Write the word brain Level 91
Correct the equation Level 92
Find the coffee Level 93
Continue the sequence one more time! Level 94
Which cube is unwrapped? Level 95
Find the wrong die! Level 96
Solve the equation! Level 97
Which symbol can be put between 4 and 5 to get a number greater than 4, yet smaller than 5? Level 98
Find the correct answer Level 99
Correct the directions Level 100
Continue the sequence Level 101
Find green color Level 102
Fix the equation to make it true Level 103
Turn on the minimal number of faucets to make water run Level 104
Hit the target with all darts one more time! Level 105
What time is now? Level 106
How many triangles are in the picture? Level 107
Find all items in the picture Level 108
Protect the rocket and hold it down for 15 seconds. Level 109
Take the toy out of the bottle Level 110
Hit the hole Level 111
Enter the password Level 112
Fill up the glass Level 113
Charge the phone Level 114
Find all items in the picture Level 115
Park the car Level 116
Put the leg on the head Level 117
Get to the end of the level Level 118
Mom's sleeping! Keep quiet! Level 119
Win the fight Level 120
Find all items in the picture Level 121
Defeat the monster! Level 122
Win the tic-tac-toe game! Level 123
Open the cryptex lock Level 124
Enter password Level 125
Win the rock Level 126
Crack the safe Level 127
Fill the glass with water Level 128
Go through the maze Level 129
Try to repeat the tune Level 130
Move the cube closer to the green ball Level 131
Open the door Level 132
Which glass has more water in it? Level 133
How many squares are in the picture? Level 134
Drive the ball in the green hole Level 135
Turn this pyramis to the left in 3 moves Level 136
The compass went haywire. Calibrate it. Level 137
Looks like one cog is missing. Make the ball fall from the shief Level 138
Fill the glass with water again Level 139
Open the door one more time Level 140
Can you put the bear in the box? Level 141
Where is the black sheep? Level 142
Send the ciphered message Level 143
The clock doesn't go. Wind it up Level 144
How many squares you see in the screen? Level 145
Make the colors inside the square match an example Level 146
Find a cat in the dark room. Level 147
Help the hero to reach the star! Level 148
How many decorations are on the christmas tree? Level 149
Help the truck cross the bridge Level 150
Feed the crocodile! Level 151
Place all the figures in the field so they don't cross Level 152
Type the maximal number Level 153
Move the numbers to make an equation Level 154
Make the colors inside the square match an example Level 155
Tap 100 Level 156
How many phones cannbe charged at once? Level 157
Win the fight Level 158
Make a pizza! Level 159
Help grandma across the street Level 160
How many leaves are on the tree? Level 161
Find number 9 Level 162
Pick 4 apples Level 163
Find 3 fake cards Level 164
Solve the example Level 165
Connect the dots into one line Level 166
Light the match on the striker strip Level 167
Inflate the balloon Level 168
Light the lamp! Level 169
Go through the maze Level 170
Level Level 171
How many phones can be charged at once? Level 172
Rubik's cube again. Twist and turn it so the numbers add up to 17 Level 173
Heads or tails? Level 174
Mark the segments in order of ascension Level 175
Grow a flower Level 176
Finish drawing the tower! Level 177
Make the equation true Level 178
Start the hour glass Level 179
Help get the splinters out of the kitten Level 180
Put all the T-shaped figures on the board Level 181