Brain Boom Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Boom is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Brain Boom is an extraordinary tricky puzzle game with hundreds of tricky brain teasers. There is No distinct rules and ways to solve those puzzles; and every answer is reasonable but unexpected. A high level of concentration and imagination is needed in Brain Boom or you will always be tricked. Remember: The most obvious answer is always the last choice.

Brain Boom Walkthrough
Which one changed secretly? Level 1
Where is the chicken? Level 2
Find the duck. Level 3
What would you do if the wolf comes? Level 4
Where is the apple? Level 5
Find the fireworm. Level 6
Which one cannot swim? Level 7
Which glass has water? Level 8
How many stars do you give this game? Level 9
How many donuts are there? Level 10
Where is the color green? Level 11
How to hit the bull's eye? Level 12
Launch the rocket. Level 13
Defuse the bomb. Level 14
Reach the finishing point quickly from the bottom up without stepping on the green part. Level 15
Make a big balloon. Level 16
Follow the order and tap. Level 17
Make a sign saying caution, wet floor! Level 18
How many sheep are there? Level 19
Catch the ping-pong ball. Level 20
Find the bull. Level 21
Which is the fastest way to reach I from A? Level 22
Try to enter the bathroom. Level 23
How to make them be familiar with each other quickly? Level 24
Which ones in the picture are mammals? Level 25
Try to score a goal. Level 26
Disassemble the valve. Level 27
Tap button 3 times to clear the level. Level 28
Help the to eat the bugs. Level 29
Park the car to the parking spot. Level 30
Date with Marry. Level 31
Help the tortoise win. Level 32
Drink water. Level 33
What can be used to crack the walnuts? Level 34
Which one is the nearest to us? Level 35
Shoot all the sun at once Level 36
Which monkey is real? Level 37
Help the hen to hatch the chickens. Level 38
Get the sheep to go back inside. Level 39
Put the elephant into the fridge. Level 40
Roll the dice and get a six. Level 41
Which sun is the real one? Level 42
Light the street lamp. Level 43
One is a real person, one is a wax figure, which is the real Level 44
Find out the biggest number. Level 45
Which three numbers add up to 17? Level 46
Park the car to the parking spot. Level 47
How many number eight are there in the picture? Level 48
Turn on all the bulbs. Level 49
Beat all the feas. Level 50
How much do all the coins worth? Level 51
How many sheep are there? Level 52
Pour out the water in the cup. Level 53
Ignite the wood. Level 54
Find out the smallest egg. Level 55
Charge the phone. Level 56
Take a photo for your girlfriend. Level 57
Throw all the garbage into the bucket. Level 58
What is the number behind the question mark? Level 59
Enter the numbers in the picture one by one. Level 60
Tap PEACOCK. Level 61
Tap the fruit from the smallest to be biggest. Level 62
What do the three biggest numbers add up to? Level 63
How is universal gravitation discovered? Level 64
Save the elephant. Level 65
Help the car to go across the bridge. Level 66
How to keep the dog from feeling hot? Level 67
Which is bigger? Level 68
No swimming. Level 69
Find the hen. Level 70
Which is the most stable one? Level 71
Which color covers the biggest area? Level 72
Where am I? Level 73
Help the chicken to hide. Level 74
There are four brothers. If you multiply the number of their ages, you get 14. How old are they? Level 75
Where is the old man's beard? Level 76
Try and drink the orange juice. Level 77
Open the cabinet. Level 78
Help the car to go across the bridge. Level 79
Try to score a goal. Level 80
Find out the rule and tap accordingly. Level 81
Tne cat wants some fish. Level 82
Help the tortoise to win. Level 83
What time will it be after an hour? Level 84
Please enter the password. Level 85
Purble Pairs Level 86
Help the bird back to its nest. Level 87
How many triangles are there? Level 88
Turn on all the bulbs. Level 89
The doctor gave you 8 pills in the evening. He asked you to take two in the eveing, one in morning and at noon. How many pills are the next day before noon? Level 90
Help the car to go across the bridge. Level 91
How to dry the clothes? Level 92
Find the disguised wolf. Level 93
Help the tortoise to win. Level 94
Solve the problem of drought. Level 95
How to make the frog jump higher than the tree? Level 96
What's the number of "?"? Level 97
Try to get the ball which fell into the well. Level 98
What should you drink if you don't want to get sunstroke in summer? Level 99
How can one know the man is lying? Level 100
Weigh the hen Level 101
stop sadako from coming out Level 102
avoid the catastrophe Level 103
Try to have a cherry ice-cream Level 104
Turn on all the bulbs Level 105
How to make the frog jump higher that the tree? Level 106
How many "9"s are there among the 100 numbers from 1 to 100? Level 107
Open the lid of the lunchbox Level 108
Draw an ssr Level 109
Ms. Wang has three sons. Each of them has one elder sister and one younger sister. How many children does Ms. Wang have? Level 110
Put out the fire Level 111
Whats the number of "?"? Level 112
Help the tortoise to win Level 113
Help the old lady to go across the street. Level 114
Three kids were playing football for 45 minutes in total. How long did each kid play? Level 115
How to make the frog jump higher than the tree? Level 116
There are ten candles. Three were blown out. How many candles are there left? Level 117
Which one do you think is better? Level 118
Cover all the cards. Level 119
We make progress because of your comments. Let us grow together, shall we? Level 120
Save the kid. Level 121
Tap peacock on the left. Level 122
Avoid the catastrophe Level 123
Go fishing Level 124
At a banquet, a couple shook hands with others for 48 times. How many people were there at the banquet? Level 125
There are 10g cotton, 10g wood and 10g stones. Which one is heavier? Level 126
Which one do you see first? Level 127
If PGH=QGI, BUJ=CUK, then QRS=? Level 128
How would you choose? Level 129
How to console your girlfriend? Level 130
Crowing. Level 131
How would you do if you don't have an umbrella when it rains Level 132
Who will win if two crickets fight with each other? Level 133
Match the direction of the pointer to E. Level 134
Find out the differences. Level 135
Judging from the picture, which one is the heaviest? A, B, or C? Level 136
How to light a match without phosphorus? Level 137
Do you enjoy this game? Level 138
The fastest way to burn this rope? Level 139
Help the cow to eat grass Level 140
Do not look at me. Level 141
Who's the programmer? Level 142
What will you do if you bump into someone you do not want to see? Level 143
Which one is the heaviest? Level 144
Share this to two kids. Level 145
The kid's football went missing. Level 146
Unlock Level 147
Tell whether he loves me or not by tearing down the petals Level 148
Drink water Level 149
Make a Japanese flag. Level 150
Your girlfriend wants to come to your place, but you still have something left from your ex. You only have enough time to cover one thing. What will you cover? Level 151
What sport does tyrannosaurus hate the most? Level 152
Prepare the healthy meal Level 153
Which is the most beautiful one? Level 154
Where is the unicorn? Level 155
What would you do if the pen won't write? Level 156
How will the ball fall if you cut the rope when it reaches the highest point? Level 157
Shoot at the basket. Level 158
Make the progress bar full. Level 159
Open the airplane cabin door. Level 160
Wipe out the earthworms Level 161
Another one. Level 162
If only I was the first Level 163
Which one is the drag queen? Level 164
Where is the prince? Level 165
Catch the burger Level 166
Shoot at the basket. Level 167
Fry the steak. Level 168
Twenty-five people want to get across the river by boat which can five people at most. How many times are needed to get all the people across the river? Level 169
Blow out all the candles at the same time. Level 170
Blow out all he candles at the same time. Level 171
There's an apple eating contest between the wolf and the sheep. Who's better at it? Level 172
Something is wrong with the plane! What should you do? Level 173
It's raining again. What should you do? Level 174
You're gonna be late for you date! Level 175
Which color is lighter? Level 176
Which one is the real fish? Level 177
Level Level 178
Would you please pick an apple for me? Level 179
There is no other answer apart from 6. Level 180
Help the princess to find her prince. Level 181
You are going to travel tomorrow! Pack your suitcase first. Level 182
Help the hero to get home. Level 183
Match the bords. Level 184
Make the fan turn. Level 185
Send the chicken home. Level 186
Whac-A-Mole Level 187
Move the following numbers to do the calculation. Level 188
How to become a werewolf? Level 189
The chicken got lost again Level 190
How to tell a girl that you like her? Level 191
Finish the jigsaw Level 192
Pull out the weeds Level 193
Help the team on the right to win Level 194
The wallet is missing Level 195
How to reach the terminus? Level 196
Play one shot randomly wich hole will the billiard ball fall in? Level 197
Which little people is unhappy? Level 198
Pull out the nose hair Level 199
Fill the number in the box. Level 200
Please help the kitten to catch a big fish Level 201
How to break up a couple? Level 202
Which cat is real? Level 203
You're gonna be late for school! Level 204
The diamond ring is missing Level 205
What should be filled in the blank? Level 206
Help me find the naughty lizard Level 207
There are so many people waiting in line. How can I get a ticket home? Level 208
My feet are numb. I wish I could have a seat. Level 209
What thing should I bring home for Spring Festival? Level 210
It's snowing. Find your way home. Level 211
Clean up the house. Level 212
The lion dancing begins~ Level 213
Set off the firecrakers Level 214
Build a snowman Level 215
Find the red packet 0/5 Level 216
God of Wealth is giving out money! Level 217