Brain Crack Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Crack is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Brain Crack is the #1 IQ Puzzle Game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Think outside the box and break common sense! Train your logic, memory, intelligence, imagination, problem-solving skills, and creativity now!

Brain Crack Answers
Which one is the smallest? Level 1
How many cows? Level 2
Which one is the deepest? Level 3
Which bulb is defective? Level 4
Avoid being hit within 30 seconds! Level 5
How many squares? Level 6
Find out the heaviest one. Level 7
What's the number under the question mark? Level 8
How many stars would you give us? Level 9
Move one card to make the equation right. Level 10
Which one is not a fruit? Level 11
Get them to bed! Level 12
Find the smallest number on the screen! Level 13
Find the soda! Level 14
Head or Tail? Level 15
Hit the gopher! Level 16
Help him out! Level 17
Make a correction! Level 18
Find the Ice cream. Level 19
Be the first one to burst the balloon Level 20
Where is my baseball? Level 21
Catch the mouse. Level 22
Put out the fire! Level 23
How many candies are inside this candy jar after you put 3 candies in? Level 24
Stop the rain! Level 25
How many cuts do yiu need to make it into 8 equal pieces? Level 26
Collect all coins Level 27
Eat this apple and don't eat the bug Level 28
Help him to reach the peak! Level 29
Turn on all the lights. Level 30
Find 10 fishes. Level 31
Turn on this old TV. Level 32
Tap the animals from top to bottom Then tap the numbers from small to big. Level 33
Put out the fire Level 34
Go home. Level 35
Go to the moon. Level 36
Pick three numbers that add up to 15. Level 37
Tap everything to win Level 38
Kill the fish Level 39
Control the spider to get the candy Level 40
The answer is? Level 41
Stop the Rain Level 42
Eliminate those flies. Level 43
Press the button to pass this level Level 44
Which cup has the most of water? Level 45
Move 1 stick to make the smallest number. Level 46
Wht's the right letter after 'G'? Level 47
What's your number when you passed the No.2? Level 48
I'm freezing Help me! Level 49
Hit the baseball! Level 50
Count the red squares! Level 51
Where is my phone? Level 52
How many cuts do you need to get 4 equal parts? Level 53
Click the button with the same color as shown. Level 54
How to become wealthy? Level 55
Which color has the largest proportion? Level 56
Which one could be the 6th clock? Level 57
Take out the small ball. Level 58
Enter the largest real number Level 59
Wake up the kid Level 60
Can you find the 'F' Level 61
Find words cloud bird peel cat dog key shoe Level 62
We need a transhcan! Level 63
What's the next digit? Level 64
Press three buttons Level 65
If you turn the bottle upside down how much water will be left? Level 66
Find out the biggest number. Level 67
Clean the wall Level 68
How to get rid of seasick? Level 69
Make the equation true with one move. Level 70
Where is my ring? Level 71
What's the sum of the three largest numbers? Level 72
Go home again. Level 73
The password is? Level 74
Unlock it! Level 75
Stop at six. Level 76
What's the perimeter of the white part? Level 77
Which card is similar to Spades K? Level 78
Make the equation true Level 79
Form a triangle Level 80
Find the pattern to solve problem Level 81
Put three figures into the right place Level 82
Find 3 difference between two gentlemen Level 83
How many tires? Level 84
Find the thrum. Level 85
Catch the moon. Level 86
Pass this level. Level 87
Heat it up! Level 88
Shoot 5 balls to the end. Level 89
If A=L, BC=MN, DEF=OPO, G=R L=? Level 90
Move 3 sticks to form 5 triangles. Level 91
Where is the chair? Level 92
Melt the ice. Level 93
Find the fake star. Level 94
Win this game! Level 95
Open it up! Level 96
Move 3 sticks to change 5 squares into 4. Level 97
Which letter should be put in? Level 98
Which penguin is nit hungry? Level 99
Turn on the light! Level 100
Can you find the 'F'. Level 101
Stop the rain! Level 102
Form a triangle. Level 103
Where is my phone? Level 104
How many cuts do you need to get 4 equal parts? Level 105
I need two napkins please! Level 106
Put out the fire! Level 107
Which one is the most important for Superman? Level 108
Pull the chest-expander. Level 109
Open the Coke! Level 110
Go home again. Level 111
Which one would you choose? Level 112
Tap the club, the diamond, and the spade. Level 113
Make a correction! Level 114
Calm the dog down. Level 115
Tap the animal from top to bottom Then tap the numbers from small to big. Level 116
Count the teeth. Level 117
Move 1 stick make the smallest number. Level 118
Find out the heaviest one. Level 119
She gotta sleep! Level 120
Buy the following items: Eggs, Banana, Brownie Muffin Level 121
Match each pairs! Level 122
Connect each paries! Level 123
Which country is it? Level 124
Correct the hats! Level 125
Light up the room! Level 126
Complete the word! Level 127
Select the proper picture to match the word below! Level 128
Match each paris! Level 129
Find the hidden objects! Level 130
Which country is it? Level 131
Escape the room! Level 132
Connect each paris! Level 133
Match each pairs! Level 134
Find the "duck"! Level 135
Help the bear with fishing! Level 136
Where is he going? Level 137
Which country is it? Level 138
Connect each paris! Level 139
Who is in a hurry? Level 140