Brain Crazy Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Crazy: IQ Challenge Puzzle is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Flexibility, intuition, out of thought, imagination, brainstorming are things you need to overcome challenges. Brain Crazy helps you train your brain and test your abilities. Sometimes, the answers go beyond what you think, that’s when you open your mind, not restricted to thinking.

Brain Crazy Answers
Find the Longest one Level 1
Find the biggest number Level 2
Find the slowest car Level 3
How many star Level 4
Find one dog that is the most different from the rest Level 5
Create a rectangle! Level 6
Is this game awesome? Level 7
Click on three numbers whose sum is equal to ten Level 8
How many squares are there in this picture? Level 9
Awakens the owl Level 10
Do not let eggs burst? Level 11
Find the darkest color on the screen! Level 12
Help the deer cross the river Level 13
Turn on the Light Level 14
Level Level 15
Find number 8 Level 16
Find something you can eat Level 17
How many holes in picture? Level 18
Put Everything in the Box Level 19
What are your feeling when playing games Level 20
Which one is the farthest from us? Level 21
How many car on the road Level 22
No Smoking Level 23
Keep the balance balanced! Level 24
Put Chicken on every plate Level 25
Find out the circle. Level 26
What are your choice? Level 27
Level Level 28
Make the equation true Level 29
What time is it now? Level 30
How many frogs? Level 31
How many points do you give this game? Level 32
Hide fish plates from cats Level 33
How many mushroom? Level 34
Which bottle is a soda? Level 35
Let me see your patience Level 36
How to make a Dinosaur jumo over a tree? Level 37
Exit the maze Level 38
How to bring the bison across the river? Level 39
How does the dog pay attention to me? Level 40
Rescue the Pig Level 41
Put the elephant in the box Level 42
Count the number of coconuts? Level 43
Find the biggest puddle? Level 44
How do you drive the car across the bridge? Level 45
Look for the stars? Level 46
Turn on all the lights? Level 47
Control arrows pointing at you? Level 48
How do turtles win over rabbits Level 49
What time will it be after 3 hours? Level 50
How to be calculated correctly? Level 51
How to open the chest? Level 52
Pig is sad, let's make him happy? Level 53
How do pigs wake up? Level 54
Tab 3 times on green button, 5 times on yellow button Level 55
Level Level 56
How to prevent the girl from getting wet hair Level 57
Wake up the sleeping princess Level 58
Find the happy bee Level 59
Make him stop being hot? Level 60
Click this button 10 times, then click OK button to pass this level Level 61
How to cat win to a mouse Level 62
What is the hidden number? Level 63
Level Level 64
Help the car cross the bridge Level 65
Kill the monster: Level 66
From a smallest possible number Level 67
Find the ball that can fly the highest Level 68
Look for the red alligator Level 69
Please pree green button 5 time Level 70
Look for the radio Level 71
Level Level 72
Find the hidden object Level 73
How many cats there? Level 74
Put the shapes into the right frame Level 75
Please save the cat Level 76
Wake up the sleeping princess again Level 77
Complete the equation correctly Level 78
How to escape from a herd of zombies? Level 79
Pig is sad, let's make him happy? Level 80
Please clean the glass door Level 81
Match the card! Level 82
How do turtles win rabbits again? Level 83
We needs 9 the chairs Level 84
Stop the car Level 85
Look for the Diamond Level 86
How do you win. You're Level 87
Work out x Level 88
Please protect the earth Level 89
Find the real bat Level 90
Click in order 1, 6, 11, 45, 60, 33, 101, 7, 81 Level 91
Level Level 92
Try to make the biggest posible number by moving only 2 matchsticks Level 93
How to light 2 torches Level 94
Arrange water pipes Level 95
How to stop flow of water Level 96
How do the cows cross the river again Level 97
Find the sum of the 3 largest numbers Level 98
Find the cat Level 99
Let's kill the cockroach Level 100
Find the missing number? Level 101
Show the most different pictures? Level 102
Just move 3 balls, change the triangle direction to the bottom? Level 103
How to calculate properly Level 104
Click 50000 Level 105
Find the number that is most different from the others Level 106
Open 1 chest to cross the screen Level 107
Look for anomalies in the photo Level 108
Look for anomalies in the photo Level 109
How many eggs Level 110
The test is hard. Please help him to do the lesson Level 111
Please save him Level 112
Help this poor man. Please Level 113
Click them from low to hight Level 114
How many rectangles are there? Level 115
How do turtles win rabbits again? Level 116
Only once to move, arrange the cups in alternating order? Level 117
Click on the car going to the left Level 118
Find anomalies is photos Level 119
Open the chest again Level 120
How do you win this boxing match Level 121
Find something you can't eat Level 122
How to win a cat again Level 123
Kill them monster again Level 124
Make this girl laugh Level 125
Get the boat out of the bottle Level 126
Throw the ball in the basket Level 127
So dim! How to see clearly now Level 128
What will you rescue? Level 129
Jump to end! Level 130
Light the candle Level 131
How to calculate correctly Level 132
What is the result? Level 133
How to launch spacecraft Level 134
Help the flowers to be lush Level 135
How can all be warm Level 136
Where is the escape for this prisoner? Level 137
Loom for anomalies in the photo Level 138
Look for a different details Level 139
Is there something wrong? Level 140
Loom for anomalies in the photo Level 141
How do you win? Level 142
Make the boy stop crying Level 143
Look for the potato Level 144
Look for the potato Level 145
Stop them from fighting! Level 146
How to lift an elephant Level 147
Where is the coin? Level 148
What will you eat? Level 149
Who was the one who stole the ring Level 150
Which building is the most solid Level 151
Find one who can't swim Level 152
Loom for the heaviest dumbbell Level 153
Rescue the sailboat Level 154
How to prevent the cat rom getting wet Level 155
How to make a deer cross the river again Level 156
Make the balance tilt to the right Level 157
How to enter the house Level 158
Rescue the cat Level 159
Hpw to get out of danger Level 160
How many hairs does he have on his head Level 161
Count the number of gold keys Level 162
Whose dog is this? Level 163
Make this rooster crow Level 164
Look for the spacecraft on the moon Level 165
How many people in the picture? Level 166
How to calculate correctly Level 167
Cut the red or blue cord to break this boom Level 168
How to make the car go over the bridge again Level 169
Step on cockroach to death Level 170
What is the hidden number? Level 171
Help the monkey climb to the top of the tree Level 172
Where is the prince Level 173
Click on the green dog Level 174
How many players are allowed to play football during a soccer match? Level 175
Help the dog cross the road Level 176
Let's stitch the picture Level 177
Launch the rocket again Level 178
How do turtles win rabbits again? Level 179
Are you rich? Level 180
Move 1 matchstick to get the right calculation Level 181
How do turtles win rabbits again? Level 182
Find 1 girl most different Level 183
How to cut the wood? Level 184
How to score a goal? Level 185
Look for anomalies in the photo Level 186
How do you win? You are 0 Level 187
How do turtles win rabbits again? Level 188
Follow the order and tab Level 189
Find differences between 2 pictures Level 190
Who is the most beautiful girl Level 191
How to make the mouse ecapes? Level 192
How do you win? You are 0 Level 193
How to score a goal? Level 194
Where is Vietn? Level 195
Find the smallest Level 196
Choose 2 similar animals Level 197
How can the crow drink the water? Level 198
Throw the knife Level 199
Make the sky dark Level 200
Make the sky dark again Level 201
How many triangles Level 202
Look for the circles Level 203
Make the lights bright Level 204
How to watch the video now Level 205
When the switch is pressed, which lamp is on Level 206
Make the dog not alone Level 207
Make the light bulb shine again Level 208
How can the monkey eat the banana again? Level 209
Help this cat catch fish Level 210
Level Level 211
Look for the dog Level 212
Which one will pick up? Level 213
Look for the fly Level 214
Make coffee Level 215
Cook shrimp noodles Level 216
Fill the bucket with water Level 217
Light the candle again Level 218
Look for the truck Level 219
Kill the monster Level 220
Enter a password Level 221
Hit the animal that is creeping up from the ground Level 222
Pick up the stuffed animals Level 223
How can a monkey eat the banana? Level 224
Whose phone is it Level 225
Kill the fly before it lands on the food plate Level 226
Make me sleep baby Level 227
Open the door again Level 228
Who is cheating? Level 229
Select 3 balls to complete the calculation Level 230
How many flies Level 231
Open the door again Level 232
Open the door again Level 233
Where is the shadow of the boy Level 234
How many months have 28 days Level 235
Do not let the bomb explode Level 236
Fond 2 cells with the same picture Level 237
How to calculate correctly Level 238
Make it all blue Level 239
Let's sove the math operations Level 240
If two birds are shot, how many birds are left on the branch Level 241
How many orange squares are needed to fill around the blue square? Level 242
Fill the bucket with water Level 243
Level Level 244
Let's light the matchstick Level 245
There are 10 lights in the classroom. 7 off, how many are left Level 246
What day is yesterday if the next 2 days are monday Level 247
HCAEP=46251. PEACH=? Level 248
Mary's father has 5 daughters, namely Nana, Nini, Nono. So, what's their 5th daughters name? Level 249
How many dots on two dice? Level 250