Brain Find Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Find – Makes you think outside the box is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

If you are fan of tricky games, riddles, brain teasers, brain games or any other quiz game, Brain Find is one of the most choicer for you to exercise you brain.

Brain Find Answers
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Seriously what's your score for this game Level 8
Level 9
Level 10
Add up all the numbers Level 11
Where's grandmas galsses? Level 12
Find the nail Level 13
Where's the diamond? Level 14
Let's play hide and seek Level 15
Find 2 differences Level 16
Help me, my cat is missing! Level 17
Let me out! Level 18
What is the highest peak in the world? Level 19
Greatest finding! Level 20
Where is my diamond ring? Level 21
Give me a banana Level 22
Cunning gopher Level 23
Teacher, you lost your things Level 24
Move 1 match to make the equation hold Level 25
The puppy is so naughty Level 26
Where did the cockroaches go? Level 27
Can you do magic? Level 28
Find 2 differences Level 29
I'm hungry Level 30
Vampire hunter Level 31
Level 32
Where's the little duckling? Level 33
Give you a desert Level 34
What is the percentage of the ocean area on earth? Level 35
Test your eyesight Level 36
Buzz, buzz, buzz Level 37
Make a pot of soup Level 38
Which glass has lemon in it? Level 39
Move 1 match to make the equation hold Level 40
Only smart people can inherit the throne Level 41
Do not touch dangerous goods Level 42
It's dark, light up the lamp Level 43
Which is the largest country? Level 44
Defeat the dragon Level 45
Where is the pink pig? Level 46
Play with the cat Level 47
Elementary school students can do it Level 48
What instrument can you play Level 49
The wolf is coming Level 50
What color is the world in the eyes of a dog? Level 51
Humph, bad guy! Level 52
I want a fish today! Level 53
Move 1 match to make the equation hold Level 54
Monkey, come on! Level 55
I want one more Level 56
Again? Level 57
Draw a standard circle Level 58
Let it bloom! Level 59
Huh, where did the fish go? Level 60
Who do you think looked best? Level 61
When is world Enviroment Day every year? Level 62
Puzzle challenge Level 63
Conjured a white rabbit Level 64
Recue the princess Level 65
Find 2 differences Level 66
Did you see my new socks? Level 67
Give me an egg Level 68
Sp lazy puppy Level 69
A magic trick for you Level 70
Play badminton after class! Level 71
Hand over my princess! Level 72
What's the detoxification organ of the human body? Level 73
Will the wolf pretend to be a sheep this time? Level 74
Move 1 match to make the equation hold Level 75
Test your hand speed Level 76
The sequel to the wolf is coming Level 77
Healthy grandpa Level 78
Which of the following animals cannot blink? Level 79
Where will the princess be this time? Level 80
Find 2 differences Level 81
Catch the bird's egg Level 82
Run, the wolf is coming! Level 83
$1,000 challenge Level 84
What's in the girl's schoolbag? Level 85
Where did Jerry go? Level 86
Who invented the electric light? Level 87
Agent must have item Level 88
What else can you find out? Level 89
Do not ignite! Level 90
Happy Birthday Level 91
The $1,000 challenge is here again Level 92
The gold coin must be found Level 93
Who would steal my cheese? Level 94
Lunch time Level 95
Does the orangutan have a tail? Level 96
How big is the dinosaur egg? Level 97
Go! Find it! Level 98
I like to watch puppies Level 99
What is the proportion of blood in the human body? Level 100
Eyesight challenge Level 101
Watch out for wolves! Level 102
Once more $1000 challenge Level 103
There are too many rats here Level 104
Who is the king of the forest? Level 105
Precious jewelry box Level 106
The largest continent in the world? Level 107
It's dark, turn on the light Level 108
Why do guards have big beards? Level 109
I hate yellow Level 110
Where is my granddaughter? Level 111
Play with it for a while Level 112
It's nap time Level 113
Can you play poker? Level 114
Can you play it? Level 115
How does the dog dissipate heat? Level 116
Level 117
Do you hate cockroaches? Level 118
Want to eat ice cream! Level 119
So hungry Level 120
He is also hungry Level 121
I haven't been in a hot spring for a long time Level 122
Cockroaches everywhere Level 123
Beautiful sounds Level 124
When I was 17 Level 125