Brain Hero Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Hero – Become the King is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Never let the boring daily life take you down! Come and play, breaking through with historical celebrities and upgrading from Mr.Nobody to Brain Hero!

No one can win without intelligence! This is a refreshing quiz game with a series of challenging brain teasers and different puzzle tests blowing up your mind, changing the way you think, inspiring imagination and enhancing creativity! Thinking outside the box, don’t let little tricks beat you!

Oh god! ZOZO overslept! Wake her up! Level 50
How many holes in the Beach pants. Level 49
Which of the following is uneatable? Level 48
Guinness World Records is 200 times, please break it. Level 47
Drag the Photo the frame. Level 46
Find the heart shaped Level 45
Hide the cat. Level 44
You have to win the game! Level 43
Help grandma cross the street. Level 42
Jump to 200m. Level 41
Choose 2 same ones. Level 40
How many candles below. Level 39
Press this button 100 times. Level 38
How many triangles are in a Pentagram? Level 37
Let the balloon go up safely. Level 36
Open the door. Level 35
Who is the tallest one? Level 34
Make the equation work. Level 33
Finsh puzzle. Level 32
Move the sleigh to the "STOP" sign on the left. Level 31
How to eat the grass? Level 30
Fold a 0.01 cm thick paper 4 times, how thick it will be? Level 29
How many black spots in the picture Level 28
Just to relax, Pop all the balloons Level 27
Help baby fall asleep Level 26
Please make sure every plate holds a bread Level 25
Find 8 animals Level 24
Eat the fish Level 23
Wake up the owl Level 22
Where is Asia? Level 21
Find the treasure map! Level 20
Which cup is the biggest? Level 19
Get fish Level 18
Which direction does the flashlight point to? Level 17
Find the different one Level 16
Click icons below in order. Level 15
How many words in Oxford Dictionary? Level 14
Which color is most bright? Level 13
So hungry Make something to eat! Level 12
Find something you can eat? Level 11
Help baby duck drink water Level 10
Find the darkest color on the screen! Level 9
Lift it up! Level 8
What's the number under the sleigh? Level 7
Find out the largest fire! Level 6
The computer gets crashed, please turn it off Level 5
Which direction does the finger point to? Level 4
How many reindeers? Level 3
Find the j: Level 2
Find the biggest one Level 1