Brain Puzzle Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Brain Puzzle: IQ Challenge is an addictive brain game with all sorts of fun questions that will prove how smart you are! All types of questions for working out all the parts of that big brain of yours! Think outside of the box and play now! We bring you a different game experience with creative thinking and absurd solution.

Brain Puzzle Walkthrough
Matchstick puzzle! vi-i = vi Level 226
Put a cherry on the tiny bun! Level 225
Put the hat on the cat! HARD MODE! Level 224
Booger everyone except Bob! Level 223
Make a diamond ring! Level 222
Bro Broken Robot Level 221
Which one doesn't fit in? Level 220
Shoot hair at the bald guy! Level 219
Shake and catch! Level 218
Which one doesn't fit in? Level 217
Shoot hair at the bald guy Level 216
Tap the notes Level 215
Sort them! Level 214
Which one doesn't fit in? Level 213
Shake and catch! Level 212
Tap the notes Level 211
Broken Robot! Error! Level 210
Which one doesn't fit in? Level 209
Sort them! Level 208
Tap the notes when they land in the right spot! Level 207
Shoot hair at the bald guy Level 206
Shake and catch! Level 205
Which one doesn't fit in? Level 204
Drag them! sort them! Level 203
Catch some of them Level 202
Broken robot needs new batteries! Level 201
Make a plain grilled cheese sandwich! Level 200
What is this? Bob, Polar bear, Fat cat, Platypus Level 199
Protect mars! Level 198
What is this? Ufo, Volcano and orange, Diaper and dinosaur, Cupcak Level 197
Bounce it! Level 196
Do some jumping jacks! Level 195
Bounce it! Level 194
What is this? Pile of wood, Thinking man, Gary groundhog, Spike ba Level 193
Do some jumping jacks! Level 192
What is this? Panda, Dr.Tomato, Cat, Dog Level 191
Pimp grandma's grill, yo! Level 190
Bounce it Level 189
What is this? Booger and bee, Duck and diamond, Wig and cheese, ch Level 188
Do Some jumping jacks! Swipe up and down! Level 187
Help Nam finish the code for this game! Level 186
Start a fire! Level 185
Matchstick Puzzle 6+4 = 4 Level 184
Lineup! The thief is the tallest! prove it Level 183
Old people want you to do this! Level 182
Memorize! Which animal did not appear? Level 181
Solve Look at the bottom right Level 180
unlock the door Level 179
Matchstick Puzzle! 6+4=4 Level 149
Make a diamond ring! Level 148
She doesn't like you! Level 147
What 4 numbers add up to equal 17? 3 2 8 7 Level 146
Write the correct answer 7+8 = 87 9+3+6 = 639 4+5+4+5 = 5454 2+3+1+2+3 = ? Level 145
Which fruit contains low doses of a poison called cyanide? Level 144
Hammer the nail all the way in! Level 143
What's brown and sticky? Level 142
solve this 9+3 = 5 Level 141
Lineup! The thief is the tallest! Prove it! Level 140
Tickle him Level 139
Put in grandma's teeth! Level 138
How many months have 28 days? Level 137
Drop the cherry! Level 136
There are 45 apples in your basket. You take three apples out of the basket. How many apples are left? Level 135
Don't hit the other cars! Level 134
what's her number 555-439-45102 Level 133
karate CHOP! Level 132
String that needle Level 131
Give grandma a cherry Level 130
what is 2-1? Level 129
You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, but have you heard of… Level 128
tendork Level 127
clean the screen Level 126
pick it Level 125
You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, but have you heard of… Level 124
Catch it Level 123
Stop that frog Level 122
Kill the tomato Level 121
How many potato guys are there Level 120
how many days are there in a week Level 119
Find the O Level 118
search find the fish Level 117
Give Bob icecream Level 116
Throw away the poop Level 115
Shine his head! Level 114
Shine his head! Level 113
Matchstick Puzzle 2? Level 112
What was the smalest Possible number? Level 111
Old people want you to do this? Level 110
Tell us another joke? Level 109
Memorize? Level 108
Copy the pattern? Level 107
Find the happy bee? Level 106
Make it cooler? Level 105
Can you make it hotter in here? Level 104
Matchstick Puzzle? Level 103
it is too cold? Level 102
Match the cards? Level 101
Order them: Lightest to heaviest? Level 100
Feed me? Level 99
Find the donut? Level 98
Lift those Weights? Level 97
What was the color blue? Level 96
Land on house number 5? Level 95
I forgot my ATM password? Whats 6 digit are they? Level 94
hit the guys Level 93
How many double-Digitnumbers are there? Level 92
Protect your buns? Level 91
No vowels? Hw mny days are thr n week? Level 90
Copy the pattern? Level 89
Don’t Catch them all! just some of them… Level 88
What is missing? Level 87
Start a fire? Level 86
Bob is hungry? Level 85
Write the correct Answer : 7+8 = 87, 9+3+6=639 4+5+4+5 =5454? Level 84
Do you know any good jokes? Level 83
Give me a high 25? Level 82
Fix the sink? Level 81
Can dogs look up? Level 80
His breath him? Level 79
Find Bob? Level 78
No vowels? Wht s the nswr t sx pls thr? Level 77
Who is the most handsome/beautiful person to ever play this game? Loo Closely Level 76
Lift those weights? Level 75
It is broken again..Fix the sink? Level 74
How many stickmen? Level 73
Puzzle 30 Level 72
Copy the pattern? Level 71
i am cold again? Level 70
It is going to rain, how can he not get a hair on his head wet? Level 69
I lost my pizza Again? Level 68
Jump over the moon? Level 67
Whats Her number? Level 66
how many fingers are there? Level 65
Make this radio work? Level 64
High Ten? Level 63
put him to sleep gently? Level 62
Your job into count stars ?There are 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 stars in the universe ? Your job is 9 to 5, 5 days a week. if you can count 1 star per second. how many stars would you give this game? Level 61
Serve it, but dont eat it? Level 60
Find the J;? Level 59
how many zucchinis? Level 58
What question are we on now? Level 57
Can you pick the oldest? Level 56
Dont Catc Them All? Level 55
Find the treasure map? Level 54
Click on the exact middle of mAp? Level 53
Help the old man win? Level 52
Don’t touch anything? Level 51
Get married? Level 50
Did you like that last question? Level 49
The first word you see describes you. Level 48
You’ve heard of elf on a shelf, but have you heard of… Level 47
I can’t find my pizza? Level 46
He is late for work? Level 45
How many questions so far had backpacks in them? Level 44
Make it stinky? Level 43
What is this? Level 42
Don’t let him get you sick? Level 41
What’s your favorite color? Level 40
Rock, paper, scissors? Beat paper? Level 39
The internet weighs as much as? Level 38
Tap 37. Level 37
Don’t hit the duck. Level 36
Find the polar bear? Level 35
I am heavy forward, but backward I’m ‘not’. What am I? Level 34
What is the number of the level we skipped? Level 33
What’s the number under the tree? Level 32
Feed the duck Level 31
Booger Bob Level 30
Lift those weights? Level 29
Put everything in the box Level 28
It is going to rain, how can he not get a hair on his head we Level 27
Pick the biggest number? Level 26
Find the hidden objects? Level 25
Make him happy? Level 24
Awsenr tihs qseuiotn Level 23
Help the old man win? Level 22
I like to eat eat eat… Level 21
How big is the universe? Level 20
How many 19’s in question 19? Level 19
Fix the sink? Level 18
Bob is afraid of bananas. Help him? Level 17
What grade would you give this game? Level 16
Help him look good for his date? Level 15
Send bob to the next dimension! Level 299
Discover gravity? Tap and shake tree. Level 14
Wave goodbye to everyone! Level 298
Search Level 13
Throw the hearts at everyone! Level 297
Match the card? Level 12
Don't let it get wet! Level 296
Help the chicken cross the road? Level 11
Land it! Level 295
How can paper beat scissors? Level 10
Survive! Level 294
Find the lightest color on the screen? Level 9
Don't let it get wet! Level 293
It’s not winter yet? Wake him up? Level 8
Land it! Level 292
Touch ANYWHERE to continue. Level 7
Survive! Level 291
Catch them all? Level 6
What is it? House, Fat Cat, Dog, Thinking man Level 290
Help Bob get on top of a mountain? Level 5
Don't let it get wet! Level 289
Do you want to move to mars? Level 4
Land it! Level 288
Can you help him duck? Level 3
Survive! Level 287
Which came first the chicken or the egg? Level 2
Dodge! Level 286
Which one is the biggest one? Level 1
make it equal 69! Level 285
Copy the pattern! Level 284
Break them in the correct order lowest to highest Level 283
Color match! Level 282
Dodge! Level 281
make it equal 20! Level 280
Copy the pattern! Level 279
Break them in the correct order lowest to highest Level 278
Dodge! Level 277
make it equal 12! Level 276
copy the pattern Level 275
Pick the correct order! Lowest to highest! Level 274
Turn on all of the lights Level 273
Color match! Level 272
Find the Pizza! Level 271
Find the apple! Level 270
Bob the booger! Shoot bob at the booger! Level 269
Sort levels: Animal or Human Level 268
Sort levels: Eat or Trash Level 267
Get the horse to move Level 266
Tic tac toe! Level 265
Give the robot energy! Level 264
Pop the balloon! Level 263
Make it rhyme! Level 262
Electrify the robot! Level 261
Make them look cooler! Level 260
Catch them all! Level 259
Make them look cooler! Level 258
Catch them all! Level 257
Make them look cooler! Level 256
Catch them all! Level 255
Memorize the burger and make it! Level 254
Save the old man! Level 253
Make it darker! Level 252
Solve it! Level 251
Summon the Aliens! Level 250
Memorize the burger and make it! Level 249
Calculate 5 in 4 steps! Level 248
Avoid the diapers! Level 247
Calculate 15 in 3 steps! Level 246
Don't step on them! Level 245
Calculate 10 in 4 steps! Level 244
Avoid the diapers! Level 243
Don't step on them! Level 242
Pull the hairs! Level 241
Pull the hairs! Level 240
Protect the pancakes! Level 239
Protect the pancakes! Level 238
Make breakfast! Level 237
Calculate 3 in 2 steps! Level 236
Avoid the diapers! Level 235
Don't step on them! Level 234
Pull the hairs! Level 233
Protect the pancakes! Level 232
Pretty tough! iv-i = iv Level 231
How can the number 4 be half of 5? Level 230
Order them: Lightest to heaviest! Level 229
Hammer the nail all the way in! Level 228
Lift those weights! Level 227