Brain Quiz 3D Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Quiz 3D – Mind Blown Puzzles & Teasers Games is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

“Brain Quiz 3D” is a very addictive tricky puzzle game that is full of challenging quiz riddles and teasers. Only the smartest people can beat all the levels! Don’t try to answer questions using a normal person mindset, or you will be fooled! Use your creative mind if you want to pass all the levels.

Brain Quiz 3D Walkthrough
Think Outside the Box Level 1
No Brainer Level 2
Reak Ground Level 3
Find Him Level 4
Get Ready for Liftoff! Level 5
Think fast before they get Back Up! Level 6
Make it Explode Level 7
Get Out! Level 8
Capture the Cow Level 9
Make Snowman Melt Level 10
What do you think about the game so far? Level 11
Make It Explode! Level 12
Give her what she wants Level 13
Start your Engines! Level 14
Burn Text Away Level 15
Find the Hidden Objects Level 16
Give Everything Color Level 17
Find the Chicken Level 18
Blow Away Level 19
What is that? Level 20
Tap -> Apple Level 21
What is the Largest? Level 22
Solve this Level 23
Slice and Dice Level 24
Make Him Run! Level 25
Help the Drone Take Flight Level 26
Change the Season Level 27
Put Ball on Box Level 28
Blue Made the Cut Level 29
Make them all fall Level 30
Gem Smash Level 31
Why is there nothing on the Shelf? Level 32
What's Wrong? Level 33
Fix the Bridge Level 34
Stop the Flames Level 35
Choose a Door Level 36
Face North Level 37
Solve this Level 38
What's Behind the walls? Level 39
Clean the city! Level 40
Escape the Forest Level 41
Make it Rain Level 43
Burst the Bubble Level 44
Capture the Sheep Level 45
Make Ball Swish! Level 46
Add Check to mate Level 47
Ahhh... It's Rewind time Level 48
Get to the Chest Level 49
Make him Happy Level 50
Turn on the Light Level 51
Find your Zen Level 52
Where's the Roof? Level 53
Spill the Beans Level 54
Something Seems Off? Level 55
Make Gravity go Upside Down Level 56
What's Up Top? Level 57
Let it Drop Level 58
Put it Down Level 59
Make Police go Away Level 60
Stop the Thief! Level 61
Cover Up the News Level 62
Solve this Level 63
What is the smallest? Level 64
Find the Cherries Level 65
What goes Up Level 66
Have the Last Laugh Level 67
Take Out Level 68
Remove all the snow Level 69
Make this text Visible Level 70
Wuts Wrong? Level 71
Trading Post is flooding! Level 72
Make them all fall Down Level 73
He Impressed Her Level 74
Put nothing on the Shelf Level 75
Where did his party hat go? Level 76
What option do you have left? Level 77
Solve this Level 78
Only she can make him dance Level 79
Fuel the jet Engine! Level 80
Find a way down Level 81
Remove the Snow Level 82
Fresh start Level 83
Look at all the wall Art Level 84
Something is Hiding from you! Level 85
Save the Earth Level 86
Why made the Chicken Cross the Road Level 87
Find the 3D? Level 88
Tap the Number 6 Level 89
Feed the Zombe Level 90
Find Green Lights Level 91
Make him wave Level 92
Where's the beans? Level 93
Read this text Level 94
Find ... it? Level 95
This level is too Difficult!!! Level 96
Find the Jewels Level 97
Pop the Bubble Level 98
Take it on road Level 99
Love is the Answer Level 100