Brain Quiz Tricky Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Quiz – Tricky puzzles is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

You’ll have to think outside the box (and right off the screen) to come out on top!
Playful pictures and mind-blowing brain teasers will keep you coming back for more…

Brain Quiz Tricky Walkthrough
What stands on four legs and keeps you off the floor? Level 140
Name the ear that cannot hear Level 139
What can you hold without touching or using your hands? Level 138
Often a token of love it constantly bends. This has no beginning and certainly no end. Level 137
What can be right but never wrong? Level 136
What does not get any wetter no matter how much it rains? Level 135
What can turn without moving? Level 134
What is too much for one just right for two but nothing at all to three? Level 133
What goes further the slower it goes? Level 132
What is shaped like a box has no feet but runs up and down? Level 131
Who is your mother’s father’s wife? Level 130
What is the only animal that has four legs and often wears shoes? Level 129
What is climbed cut and burned and has rings that tell its age? Level 128
What is often full but never overflowing? Level 127
What can be cracked made told and played? Level 126
Name the home for flying birds and glittering stars. Level 125
What is bigger than the biggest animal yet lighter than air? Level 124
Without resting upon it this stretches across waters. Level 123
What keeps track of the time with its hands? Level 122
What sings back after you call? Level 121
Two is company and three is a crowd but what is four and five? Level 120
What disappears once you speak its name? Level 119
What has a bed but does not sleep and a bank with no money to keep? Level 118
This word is not specific but is more than a few. If things are clustered it’s the word to use. Level 117
This fruit grows on a vine with bunches of its friends. Level 116
This comes with shade but makes things brighter. Level 115
A father’s child a mother’s child yet no one’s son. What am I? Level 114
What does not exist but carries a name nonetheless? Level 113
Name something you can always count on. Level 112
Buckets barrels baskets and cans what is usually filled with empty hands? Level 111
Whoever makes me can hear me but to all else I am silent. What am I? Level 110
What word looks the same backward and upside down? Level 109
You look into it while you look out of it. What is it? Level 108
Can you find the word these pics represent? Level 107
What runs through the city country and town without ever moving on the ground? Level 106
What plural noun do these pics represent? Level 105
What goes round and round the wood but never goes into the wood? Level 104
What’s the common word? Level 103
These go in dry and come out wet. The longer they stay in the softer they get. Level 102
Can you decipher the compound word indicated by these pics? Level 101
What can’t be used until it is broken? Level 100
What’s the common word? Level 99
What can’t be used until it is broken? Level 98
What’s the common word? Level 97
What twinkles while alive and expands when it dies? Level 96
What word is represented by the combination of these three pics? Level 95
I move much faster than sound and help give you sight. I am… Level 94
What’s the common word? Level 93
The horse is hungry… Level 92
What are you surrounded by in the hidden message? Level 91
Find the smallest triangle. Level 90
How can you make a fire with just one stick? Level 89
Wake up the bat. Level 88
Find the hidden message! Level 87
What’s the common word? Level 86
Help the bear get the honey from the hive. Level 85
Find the frog prince! Level 84
Help the puppy get a drink. Level 83
Find the letter F! Level 82
This helps some ships travel and also carries kites across the sky. What is it? Level 81
What word are we looking for? Level 80
Put everything in the suitcase. Level 79
What’s the common word? Level 78
What does the picture indicate. Level 77
What time will this clock say in six hours? Level 76
How many cats are there? Level 75
Which feather is different? Level 74
I am not a key but something else that grants entry. What am I? Level 73
Solve the math problem. Level 72
Identify the items in the cart that are bought to eat but are not eaten. Level 71
What’s the common word? Level 70
Help the bird get materials for his nest. Level 69
Which color appears the most? Level 68
Count the balls! Level 67
Identify the different shape. Level 66
What comes down but never goes up? Level 65
Build a bridge for the car! Level 64
Count the grapes Level 63
What’s the common word? Level 62
What’s man’s most important innovation? Level 61
Hat trick! Level 60
Help the boy find his glove. Level 59
Help the fisherman catch fish. Level 58
How many eggs can you put in an empty basket? Level 57
This question is impossible. Level 56
What’s wrong with the picture? Level 55
What’s the common word? Level 54
What’s the common word? Level 53
Identify the word this picture indicates. Level 52
Press the rabbit! Level 51
Find the name of Fred’s father ‘s 5th son. Level 50
What can you add to a 15-pound barrel to make it weigh nothing? Level 49
Get across the bridge. Level 48
Find the bird! Level 47
What’s the common word? Level 46
Put out the birthday candles. Level 45
Find the error. Level 44
Where can a horse jump over a castle land on a man and make the man dissapear? Level 43
Shorty the cat is having a bad day. Help him feel better. Level 42
Where can you add 9 to 6 and get 3? Level 41
Tap the green button five times and then tap the yellow button twice. Level 40
Find a way to hide the coin. Level 39
Count the toads! Level 38
Are you a millionaire? Level 37
Press the tomato! Level 36
Find the letter P. Brain Quiz Tricky puzzles Level 35
Find Leo! Level 34
Count the farmer’s horses. Level 33
Can you crack the egg? Level 32
Pop that corn! Level 31
Make the bunny happy! Level 30
This is not a rabbit. Level 29
Can you find the hidden stars? Level 28
Strike all the matchsticks at once. Level 27
What’s man’s best friend? Level 26
Identify the largest rectangle. Level 25
Name something in the picture that you will never see again. Level 24
Can you tell me what occurs twice in a week once in a year but never in a day? Level 23
Solve to find the hidden animal name. Level 22
If you buy a rabbit that can breed and have 7 rabbits each month how many rabbits do you have after 10 months? Level 21
Move two matchsticks to display time as 4:30 Level 20
Put out the fire. Level 19
Find the egg. Level 18
Help the turtle get to the other kill Level 17
Get the champagne into the glass. Level 16
Press allow! Brain Quiz Tricky puzzles Level 15
Can you stop time? Level 14
Shut off the light. Level 13
Count the animals in the picture. Level 12
How many robins are on the screen? Level 11
Water the flowers. Level 10
Figure out the lion’s cage number. Level 9
Rate the app five stars! Level 8
Wake the sleeping cat. Level 7
What’s the smallest number on the game screen? Level 6
Find the inedible item. Level 5
What’s at the top of the list? Level 4
Find a way to open the fifth door. Level 3
Find the biggest vegetable. Level 2
Which is the odd one out? Level 1