Brain Quiz Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Quiz – Test Your Brain is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

BRAIN QUIZ – TRICKY QUESTIONS is a set of puzzle games that makes your mind think outside of the box, because obvious answers are usually wrong. You will experience a whole series of creative, challenging puzzles that push you to the limit.

No smoking! Level 4-9
That boy wants to drink the juice at the bottom of the glass. Please help him Level 4-8
Help the bus pass the obstacles Level 4-7
Too dangerous! The electric kettle leaks electric current! Level 4-6
What is the sum of the 3 distinct largest number iin the following? Level 4-5
What is the right answer? Level 4-4
Can you solve this? Level 4-3
Help the car go to the end of the street Level 4-2
Can you please help introduce this game to your friends? Please share this game on Facebook to encourage us improving this game better. We will give you a free for your kindness. Thank yo Level
URGENT: We need to hide the elephant somewhere Level 4-0
Please help them cross the river Level 3-9
After 2 hours, what number will the hour hand point to? Level 3-8
Teacher is coming. Please help me hide the gamepad Level 3-7
We need a fish Level 3-6
Click on the menu to go to the next question Level 3-5
How many $ the piggy bank contain? Level 3-4
Please turn on all the light bulbs on the screen Level 3-3
Please tap on the following picture to go to the Play Store to rate 5 stars and leave a review for this game. We will give you a free for your kindness. Thank you Level 3-2
This panda is so lonely! Level 3-1
Please help get the toy out of the bottle Level 3-0
Find the way to the destination Level 2-9
Find the different one! Level 2-8
Tap on the car to drive it to the parking sign Level 2-7
How many chicks? Level 2-6
Put everything into the box Level 2-5
The monkey wants to eat the banana. Please help him! Level 2-4
How many ants are there? Level 2-3
Please help the driver cross the bridge Level 2-2
Slide left to unlock Level 2-1
Which 3 numbers add up to 9? Level 2-0
Which of the following is inedible? Level 1-9
Catch both fishes Level 1-8
Help the boy cross the street Level 1-7
We want to put the elephant into the fridge Level 1-6
What is the space number the car has parked? Level 1-5
Create a rectagle Level 1-4
How many hairs are there? Level 1-3
Tap a pig that is above the question text Level 1-2
What is the biggest animal? Level 1-1
What is the smallest number? Level 1-0
What is the direction of the light from the torch? Level 13-0
Which pool will fill up first? Level 12-9
Which of the following can the strong man not lift? Level 12-8
Continue to watch the live match Level 12-7
What do you think is the temperature of your body now? Level 12-6
What is inside the box? Level 12-5
Help the chick get out! Level 12-4
Wake up the owl Level 12-3
Tom overslept again. Please help wake him up Level 12-2
Can you please let us know if you have rated this game 'Brain Quiz' 5 stars yet? Level 12-1
Save the little bird Level 12-0
How many bowls are there on the table Level 11-9
Find an empty container Level 11-8
Please keep silent! Level 11-7
Please put the elephant into the fridge! Level 11-6
Open the safe again Level 11-5
The monkey wants to eat banana again! Level 11-4
Charge it Level 11-3
It's your turn. You must win this game! Level 11-2
We need a paper to write something Level 11-1
Where is the mother hen again? Level 11-0
create the biggest number Level 10-9
please find something you can eat Level 10-8
help the yellow dog to win Level 10-7
make the equation work Level 10-6
find out the biggest fire Level 10-5
please help free the bird Level 10-4
make the equation become true Level 10-3
this guy needs some exercise Level 10-2
help the guy get her notice Level 10-1
can you find the darkest color Level 10-0
please help get the letter from envelope Level 9-9
carefully cut the string without breaking the vase Level 9-8
please help dry the dress quicker Level 9-7
what is the secret Level 9-6
what is the biggest number on the screen Level 9-5
whose phone is this Level 9-4
please correct the direction Level 9-3
please find number 6 Level 9-2
please turn on the lightbulbs Level 9-1
who is the highest one Level 9-0
please make this equation come true Level 8-9
please erase the picture Level 8-8
please tap on the arrows in the following order Level 8-7
what is inside the box Level 8-6
open the safe Level 8-5
the dog looks sad Level 8-4
how do you get the same amount of wine in each glass Level 8-3
here are mother hens.find the baby chick Level 8-2
for you, who is the most good looking Level 8-1
which egg is harder to break Level 8-0
find 8 animals Level 7-9
help bring the fridge out of the screen Level 7-8
click on the yellow rectangle 12 times then tap ok to pass this question Level 7-7
drive the car to parking sign again Level 7-6
i cant go in please help open the door Level 7-4
easy question to pass it, just click here Level 7-3
what is the space number the car has parked again Level 7-2
try to put 25$ into the piggy bank Level 7-1
how many rabbits in the hat Level 7-0
the monkey is locked. help him off Level 6-9
my car is dirty Level 6-8
catch the hamster Level 6-7
choose 2 identical snowmen Level 6-6
put the elephant into the fridge again Level 6-5
create the smallest number Level 6-4
the little piggy sleeps too much today wake him up Level 6-3
where is the mother hen Level 6-2
please fix the mistake Level 6-1
how many holes are in the shorts Level 6-0
who will be the first to open the safe? Level 5-9
2=6 3=26 2=325 5= 4326 6=? Level 5-8
how many cakes Level 5-7
help the motorcyclist to win the race Level 5-6
what is the value of x Level 5-5
turn off the light Level 5-4
please fix the mistake Level 5-3
turn the light on Level 5-2
please put the shapes in the corresponding positions Level 5-1
Tap numbers in the following order: 15 2, 53, 8, 14, 30, 15, 22, 5 Level 5-0