Brain Surfing Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Surfing is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

“Brain Surfing” is a new addictive tricky puzzle game which has a series of tricky brain teasers and bring your new brain-burning experience!
This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience! Let you relax and decompress to exercise your brain.

Brain Surfing Walkthrough
Which one is the highest? Level 1
Find the smallest number! Level 2
Which one is closet to us? Level 3
How many pineapples are on the table? Level 4
How many puppies are there? Level 5
Wake up Jack! It is late. Level 6
Who will lose Level 7
Lay eggs Level 8
Which hand is most like the one the boy outstretched? Level 9
Seriously how many stars do you score for this game? Level 10
Help Jack he forgot to bring an umbrella Level 11
Help pony cross the river Level 12
Help the bride find the ring Level 13
Which direction the finger points? Level 14
Find out the bat on the tree Level 15
Click on the three numbers so that they add up to ten. Level 16
Who should not show up Level 17
Click them in order ab, bd, ag, abd, da, cd, aa Level 18
Let the child finish everthing Level 19
Click in ascending order Level 20
when the third bulb comes on Click Stop Level 21
Tap a hamburger above thetexts Level 22
Let the red car win Level 23
Help the bear which is frozen! Level 24
Find outbthe passcode Level 25
Click on the slowest Level 26
How many apples are there? Level 27
At most move one match to make the equation true. Level 28
A 5mm thick piece of paper, fold five times. How thick is the paper? Level 29
Go to the next level Level 30
Break all the balloons Level 31
Wake up the bat Level 32
Hide the kitten Level 33
Find out the rules where is the car parked? Level 34
Jac is looking for toilet please help him Level 35
Help jack do math problem. Level 36
Find out the stars Level 37
Tab the fruits from smallest to biggest Level 38
How many cups have water in them? Level 39
Click on the playing card N times N is equal to the number on the playing card Level 40
Compose the smallest values. Level 41
Help the crow drink water Level 42
Jack's nose is bleeding badly help him! Level 43
Light bulb. Level 44
Balance the seesaw. Level 45
What's the time now? Level 46
Which one is the logest? Level 47
How many of them are different? Level 48
Find the circle. Level 49
Two kilogramsot cotton or one kilogram of iron which is heavy? Level 50
Help mary! Level 51
Please give answers based on calculations Level 52
Turn off the lights Level 53
Count how many black spots are there. Level 54
Please point the arrow at you Level 55
Which glass of water is the most? Level 56
Let them stop crying Level 57
Tapto play cards from small to big. Level 58
Tap the food in order Level 59
Where is the Pacific? Level 60
Blue candle is 40cm long and can be lit for 1 hour Red one is 50cm long and can be lit for 4 hours Ignite them at the same time, after the shortest few hours the two are the length? Level 61
Compose the largest values Level 62
Let them stop crying Level 63
Please serve each plate with ahamburger Level 64
The game console is stuck turn it off. Level 65
Which bottle is not coke Level 66
Find the snowman Level 67
Find the different banana Level 68
The bat is asleep wake it up Level 69
Help the bride find the ring. Level 70
How to lower the elevator Level 71
Tap the left cat. Level 72
Kill the fly Level 73
Find the pentagon Level 74
Let the bunny stop crying Level 75
Shoot at the target from right to left Level 76
Put out the fire Level 77
Help the mouse escape Level 78
Who is the camera taking? Level 79
Which of the following can't be eaten? Level 80
Find food to eat Level 81
Your tunr! Must win this time! Level 82
Find the different cat. Level 83
Which one is different? Level 84
Move a match to make the equation correct Level 85
Make a trapezoid Level 86
Make the equation correct Level 87
Kill the noisy mosquito! Level 88
Which one is shortest? Level 89
Make the blue boat win Level 90
Let the windmill spin! Level 91
Light all candles Level 92
How many holes are there in the T-shirt? Level 93
Move a match to make the equation correct Level 94
How many triangles are there? Level 95
Where is the car parked? Level 96
At least how many matches can be removed and make it a 1 Level 97
Mix two colored liquids in a test tube Level 98
Make the equation correct Level 99
Sudoku Level 100