Brain Surfing2 Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Brain Surfing2 is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Brain Surfing2” is a new addictive tricky puzzle game which has a series of tricky brain teasers and bring your new brain-burning experience

Brain Surfing2 Answers
Which one is dressed up by a man? Level 1
What's wrong with these painting? Level 2
How many curves are there? Level 3
Which color is the most in the picture? Level 4
At least how many steps to generate an inverted triangle Level 5
One person is so boring! Level 6
Fix the broken bulb. Level 7
Open video to watch the game Level 8
How many deifference are there? Level 9
Seriously how many stars do you score for this game? Level 10
Put the blue book on top of the red book Level 11
Who do you think is the most beautiful person? Level 12
Make the equation true. Level 13
Which letter is the cuest Level 14
How many colors of paint are there? Level 15
Enter password to unlock next level Level 16
What is the fastest way to make jack from 195 pounds become 95 pounds? Level 17
The cat is hungry Level 18
Which book is thicker? Level 19
Give the answer Level 20
Which puppy is different? Level 21
Move three circles to make the triangle upside down. Level 22
Crow wants to drink water Level 23
How to balance the seesaw Level 24
Drag the photo into the frame Level 25
Who is real stewardess? Level 26
Which rope will knot Level 27
How many differences are there? Level 28
Help the students Level 29
Who works hardest? Level 30
Make the equation true Level 31
Give the answer Level 32
What's the average person's body temperature? Level 33
Shoot. Level 34
Don't click Level 35
Play golf Level 36
Click it when duck appear Level 37
How many real birds are there? Level 38
What is the fastest way make impossible possible? Level 39
Which duck is fake? Level 40
Who works only one day in a year? Level 41
Please help the duck return to the green house the chick return to the house Level 42
Where is orange? Level 43
Jack is looking for toilet Level 44
How to make them familiar guickly? Level 45
How to rescue the monkey? Level 46
Tilt the left side of the seesaw Level 47
Choose extra rewards Level 48
Which one the manufacturing date and expiration date was on the same day? Level 49
A rabbit pulls a carrot in 1 minute. How many can it pull carrots in 10 minutes? Level 50
Run by end Level 51
How ti drive to the platform Level 52
You run in. What is broken? Level 53
Be guiet. Level 54
Which is the biggest? Level 55
Which part is exactly the same color in everyone? Level 56
Help the monkey break free from the bottom of the mountain Level 57
I do not want to see you Level 58
There are three sheep on the subway and a wolf comes up halfway. How many sheep are there? Level 59
Drop this phone Level 60
What to do when a bear chases you? Level 61
Click 78, 47, 3, 17, 73, 8, 13, 38, 7 in order Level 62
Parking Level 63
What can't climbers climb? Level 64
How many times do you need to cut an apple into 8 pieces at least? Level 65
Swipe left to unlock Level 66
Hit the gopher Level 67
Have a rest Level 68
How many sheep can the wolf eat? Level 69
Don't let the puppy find the kitten's potato chips Level 70
The teacher asked the animals to get honey. Who didn't get it? Level 71
How much do you think it costs to fly from beijing to paris? Level 72
Send the animals home! Level 73
Find difference Level 74
Help jack see the letters. Level 75
Pi repeat Level 76
Make the equation true. Level 77
Snap shot Level 78
How many sheep can the wolf eat? Level 79
Jack's kitten caught a mouse in herry's house. Whom should this mouse belong to? Level 80
What can Hercules never lift? Level 81
Don't hit the bulls eye Level 82
Smash the egg Level 83
Make lily smile Level 84
Find out the sun Level 85
Don't let others see your toys Level 86
How to do if the lamp is broken? Level 87
How to pick up jack? Level 88
What comes often but never really arrived? Level 89
Pack the house in the magic box Level 90
How many possibilities are there for expanding the cube surface? Level 91
How to make stick still lay on the ground and people can't cross over it? Level 92
Beautiful necklace! Level 93
A piece of paper with a thickness of 0.01cm folded 5 times in a row How thick is the paper now? Level 94
Jack likes to eat apples who is Jack? Level 95
How to divide an apple? Level 96
Clean the blackboard Level 97
What can carry people without fuel? Level 98
How many squares are there? Level 99
How many bottles of soda can you buy with $8? Level 100