Brain Test Answers Solutions with hints [All 275 Levels] Updated


Brain Test: Tricky Puzzles is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.
Brain Test is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles testing will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience! You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Get ready to take the quiz!

Brain Test Walkthrough
Which one is the biggest? Level 1
What is the hidden number? Level 2
Burn everthing! Level 3
How many holes are there on the shirt? Level 4
How to blossom this flower Level 5
Which one is closset to us? Level 6
Click on the animals from smallest to biggest Level 7
Catch 5 Falling Apples Level 8
Where is my rabbit? Level 9
Find the answer Level 10
Slide Left to UNLOCK Level 11
Feed the cat please, he is hungry! Level 12
Where is the green ball? Level 13
Which one is logest? Level 14
Curiousity kills the cat, but can you kill it as well? Level 15
How many pizza slice do we have? Level 16
Turn it off! Too dangerous! Level 17
Who wins the battle? Level 18
Which monkey is carsick? Level 19
Stop the baby's crying PLEASE! Level 20
Click on the blue button 6 times Level 21
2226=1, 3338=2, 8888=8, 6868=? Level 22
Turn on the TV please Level 23
Make the red win the race Level 24
What is the hidden number? Level 25
Please open the soda Level 26
Put the elephant into the fridge Level 27
Please turn on all the lights Level 28
10=25, 35=75, 65=105, 25=? Level 29
Where is the black sheep? Level 30
How can the truck pass through there? Level 31
4+5*5-2=? Level 32
Help this poor guy, please Level 33
Let the cat in please, it is freezing outside Level 34
Which one tells truth? Level 35
Push the buttons Level 36
How many balls are there? Level 37
Correct this equation please Level 38
Click on the cat below Level 39
=10, =36, =? Level 40
Make them fall in love Level 41
Complete the level please Level 42
Tap them in order: 1, 49, 80, 5, 7, 11, 101 Level 43
Which building is the strongest? Level 44
Which cat is on the right? Level 45
I saw this riddle on rebbit. Where is the bull? Level 46
When i was 6 years old, my sister was half of my age and my brother was twice of my age 5 years later, what is the sum of my siblings' ages? Level 47
2+3=6, 5+6=30, 2+1=2, 3+8=? Level 48
Your pets are drowning, which one will you save? Level 49
How can this equation work? Level 50
Please help me find my socks. Level 51
Help the car cross the bridge. Level 52
Timmy is hungry, please feed him. Level 53
Light the correct buttons. Level 54
Please open the soda. Level 55
Where is the cat above this text? Level 56
image Level 57
It is too dark! can't find my cat! Level 58
Reach to the finish before time runs out. Level 59
Get the biggest number possible Level 60
What a terrible dice roll! Help me please. Level 61
Please stop this fight! Level 62
Each of these brothers has a sister. How many siblings are there? Level 63
Name this group of objects please. Level 64
Which monkey is carsick? Level 65
What is wrong with this picture? Level 66
We need 10 dollars! Level 67
How many circles are there? Level 68
Help this poor guy, please Level 69
Please save this boy! Level 70
We need 9 apples. Level 71
Turn on the TV please Level 72
How many dots are there, I wonder. Level 73
Tom is hungry, catch that mouse! Level 74
Which building is the strongest? Level 75
I hate this! The baby is crying again! Stop this scream! Level 76
Get the smallest number possible. Level 77
Find the pairs and win the game. Level 78
I overtook the 2nd placed racer, what is my position? Level 79
Pick the red color! Level 80
She is so sad, please cheer her up Level 81
Make this equation correct Level 82
Pick the biggest number possible Level 83
How many rectangles are there? Level 84
Catch the mouse Level 85
Click on green 3 times, blue 10 times and red 5 times Level 86
Click on the calves please Level 87
How many cubes are there Level 88
Spot the differences Level 89
Today is Jim’s 2nd birthday. Light the candles for him Level 90
Where is my chocolate egg Level 91
How many letters are left if E and T leave the alphabet Level 92
Show me your patience Level 93
We must be ready before the guests arrive Level 94
Birdie has overslept. Try shaking the tree Level 95
Find the mistake here Level 96
Who wins the battle Level 97
Let the cat in please, it is freezing outside Level 98
Please turn on all the lights Level 99
Complete the level please Level 100
Click on the blue button 5 times Level 101
Level 102 Level 102
Aww…She wants an ice cream too Level 103
Complete the equation correctly Level 104
I want some mayo Level 105
Help me catch that rabbit Level 106
The baby is crying again. I suspect she is gassy Level 107
My widowed granny has three children. They are all married with atleast i child. My aunt has three nephews. What is the minimum number of chairs. We need for the dinner? Level 108
Help them all get across. But don’t leave them alone with their prey Level 109
Give them apples, but never leave the plate empty Level 110
I hate math! Get rid of this number Level 111
How many eggs are there Level 112
Tom the cat wants to fly Level 113
Feed them all Level 114
He refuses to eat his soup Level 115
Whats is the total cost Level 116
Eeek! Catch it before my mom suffers a heart attack Level 117
Scissors has to win Level 118
How can this be correct Level 119
Help him get back his wallet, please Level 121
Help me achieve victory! Level 122
Jack did not study for the exam, but he has to pass Level 123
Feed them. One for each please Level 124
I can't start the video Level 125
His coffee has gotten cold Level 126
Find a frame for these coloured objects Level 127
Make this correct Level 128
Click on the fruits in a certain order Level 129
Birthday time! How old is he though? Level 130
Help her hit the target Level 131
Help the rat get the cheese Level 132
What should we put in place of the question mark? Level 133
Which car is the slowest? Level 134
How does this equation work Level 135
We need 5 actors for our movie, who to discard? Level 136
Help the kid on the right win the snowball fight Level 137
Help me. I don’t know where to turn Level 138
Which one is the longest Level 139
Where does bee honey come from Level 140
Stop the alien invasion Level 141
If 1 chicken is cooked in 5 minutes, how long would it take to cook 5 chickens Level 142
Discover gravity Level 143
Help this poor man, please Level 144
Another miserable man needs your help Level 145
What should we put at the question mark Level 146
I had 10 fish in my aquarium, and I came home to see that 6 of them died. How many are left in the aquarium? Level 147
Help the car cross the river Level 148
Match the Objects with correct countries Level 149
How to build a tower? Level 150
Oh man! She is crying again Help Please Level 151
Level 152 Level 152
Help this bodybuilder please Level 153
the Student can't think of an answer to the test question Level 154
Timmy needs to eat healthy Level 155
How to defeat the wizard? Level 156
Aliens are infiltrating. Find them! Level 157
What is in the middle of America? Level 158
Looks so sad. cheer him up please Level 159
A Vampire! Help!Help! Level 160
How many triangles are there? Level 161
Feed cat from left to right. Level 162
They need justice. Level 163
We need a green ball. Level 164
Break the window with the stone. Level 165
Neighbors are having a crazy party in the middle of the night. Stop it. Level 166
How can it be true. Level 167
Blue has to win Level 168
Save them all. Level 169
Fix the clock please. Level 170
Cheer him up please. Level 171
Horsy wishes to be a unicorn. Level 172
Please unlock the door. I am trapped outside! Level 173
Tortoise must win! Level 174
What is the number below the dice? Level 175
Just had a son! Pick a name for him! Level 176
Well, she is at it again! What's wrong this time? Level 177
Collect 3 apples please. Level 178
Get to 6 please. Level 179
Find all the animals in the picture. Level 180
Help Tom get his fish. Level 181
We want to go to new Yark. Level 182
Poor crow is unable to eat the walnut. Level 183
Build me a snowman please . Level 184
Form the image on the puzzle. Level 185
She loves him or she loves him not? Level 186
The blue car is in a hurry. help it. Level 187
Help the ghost hunter with his ghost traps. Level 188
What is the reverse of bad? Level 189
What does he see? Level 190
Ok. time to lift off! Level 191
Such a moody weather... Level 192
The Boxer on the left should win. Level 193
Tom must jump to the other side. Level 194
What is the %50 of 55? Level 195
End this war! Level 196
Help me carry this box to the dolly please. Level 197
You got caught speeding, oops! Level 198
Help the mother lion. Level 199
I declare that today is your birthday. pick a gift! Level 200
Quickly tap the numbers in order! Level 201
Solve the puzzle Level 202
We must score a goal Level 203
Teach our cat how to hunt please Level 204
Find the treasure Level 205
I lost the braes! HELP! Level 206
Where is the mother lion? Level 207
Tortoise must win the race Level 208
Help him! Level 209
Make a choice! Level 210
This man annoyed the llama, get his revenge! Level 211
How many teeth he has? Level 212
We must fill all of the grids in the factory Level 213
Try to follow the correct pattern Level 214
Horsy wishes for wings now Level 215
Seperate the colors please Level 216
Help! She can't stop jumping Level 217
Candy must reach to the mouth Level 218
Tom Wants to jump again, but we ran out of mushrooms Level 219
Help our friend to cross the street Level 220
I need an omelette, please Level 221
She lost her balloon! Level 222
How many dogs are there? Level 223
We must get rid of these microbes! Level 224
I can't get into my house, help me! Level 225
Help me feed my lizard Level 226
I have OCD, help me! Level 227
Tom found yet another valley to jump! Level 228
Find all of the animals Level 229
What is X? Level 230
He wants 5 galsses of mik and 3 cookies Level 231
Help the man escape! Level 232
Help our hero! Level 233
Find a solution before others see her face! Level 234
She is so tired, Help please Level 235
Help her hit the target Level 236
Help the blue boxer once again Level 237
How can Tom jump this time? Level 238
We must stop this monster! Level 239
Horsy wants a princess now Level 240
Pick the apples! Level 241
We need a fire Level 242
Draw a triangle please Level 243
There are some weird things going on around here, find them. Level 244
He needs some help! Level 245
How can this be correct?! Level 246
Which monkey has the logest tail? Level 247
He wants the same burger Level 248
The computer works too slowand it makes him sad Level 249
Oh no! He is so late for work today! Level 250
Help the man reach his house Level 251
Where is the dog hiding? Level 252
Ged rid of this traffic! Level 253
Complete your sword training Level 254
The ghost must escape from the traps Level 255
Oh no! Her flower is dying! Level 256
Help me fix my car, Please Level 257
Save the town! Level 258
Help him defend the little turtles Level 259
You must reform the face Level 260
You must win this, somehow... Level 261
The red car must win! Level 262
The cat needs to get to the fish again Level 263
Help him overcome this boring Monday morning Level 264
Help these lovers to come together Level 265
She is crying always! Level 266
We must conquer the catle Level 267
Sir Noobalot requires your help to defeat the dragon Level 268
What is on jupiter? Level 269
Oh no! Prevent this accident! Level 270
He is so angry, Calm him down Level 271
We must open this vault Level 272
Sir Noobalot must defeat a troll this time Level 273
Why is the car in front not moving? Level 274
What is the answer? Level 275