Crazy Tricks 2 Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Crazy Tricks 2 is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Crazy Tricks 2 is an addictive and amazing free tricky puzzle game with more than 150 different levels.

Crazy Tricky 2 Answers
There are so many messages and I don’t want to reply, what should I do? Level 1
The window is tilted, how to make it perfect? Level 2
Paint the egg in the correct color Level 3
The elevator buttons seem a bit strange Level 4
The earphone cable is too messy, how to straighten it out! Level 5
Find the darkest color Level 6
How to reach 100%? Level 7
How to get rid of that hair? Level 8
How to put the lead in the mechanical pencil perfectly? Level 9
How to put the picture upright? Level 10
How to tear a piece of paper perfectly? Level 11
How to shoot successfully? Level 12
Do you have OCD? Level 13
Find all the differences in these cakes Level 14
Can you complete this puzzle? Level 15
How many differences are there between the two pictures? Level 16
It looks so uncomfortable, how to make the number into an integer? Level 17
How to make all sunflowers face the same direction? Level 18
How to make all dominoes fall? Level 19
How to paint all her nails red? Level 20
How to make this box of pencils look better? Level 21
How to nail the nail into the board perfectly? Level 22
How to make this looks better? Level 23
How to move the small square into the matrix successfully? Level 24
How to park the car perfectly? Level 25
How to make the floor tiles look perfect? Level 26
My house number is 908. How to make the house number look correct? Level 27
How to make the power of these batteries the same? Level 28
There are too many bubbles on the screen, how to clear them all? Level 29
The toilet seat is crooked, how to make it look perfect? Level 30
What should you do if the proposal ring is frozen? Level 31
How to make your boyfriend happy? Level 32
Help your boyfriend to cross the bridge Level 33
Your girlfriend wants a balloon Level 34
The bear is here, how to protect them? Level 35
How to let them fall in love with each other? Level 36
How to find out your boyfriend’s case-dough? Level 37
Their babies are missing, help find them! Level 38
How to propose to your girlfriend successfully? Level 39
How to make your girlfriend fly? Level 40
It’s too cold in the tent, how to warm them up? Level 41
How to rescue your long-haired girlfriend? Level 42
how to wake up your girlfriend? Level 43
How to let your girlfriend see the water spray? Level 44
How to let your girlfriend drink coke at the bottom of the glass? Level 45
Find the hidden heart Level 46
How to light the birthday candles successfully? Level 47
What should you do if your mouths are dirty after dinner? Level 48
Your girlfriend is here, how to hide your case-dough from being found? Level 49
What’s most like your girlfriend’s left eye? Level 50
Your friend brought two donuts, how to divide them equally? Level 51
How to wake up your boyfriend? Level 52
How to open your boyfriend’s safe? Level 53
How to take a picture of your girlfriend to show her long legs? Level 54
Your girlfriend’s lamp is broken, how to fix it? Level 55
How to balance the seesaw? Level 56
Your girlfriend wants to eat ice cream Level 57
Your girlfriend’s lamp is broken again, try another bulb! Level 58
How to beat your girlfriend? Level 59
It’s raining, how to help them avoid the rain? Level 60
Play a game with your best friend Mary, you must win! Level 61
Mary’s newly dyed hair looks better than yours! Level 62
Mary’s ring is missing. Help her find it! Level 63
Guess who gets carsick? Level 64
Find a way to beat Mary Level 65
How to beat Mary? Level 66
Repair Mary’s car Level 67
How to unlock Mary’s phone? Level 68
How to make Mary smile? Level 69
You brought Mary home to play without the key, how do you get in? Level 70
How to make a complete photo? Level 71
Today is Mary ’s birthday, choose a gift for her! Level 72
What if I want to go shopping but it rains? Level 73
Find a way to win the game Level 74
There is a bad guy in Mary’s house, how should she call for help? Level 75
Feed Mary fat, give her 4 cups of milk tea and 2 cakes Level 76
Just after quarreling with Mary, find a way to calm down Level 77
There is a traffic jam in front of you, what’s going on? Level 78
These cars are exactly the same, which one is Mary’s car? Level 79
How could you reach Mary’s house? Level 80
Please find out your photo with Mary Level 81
Please help Mary lose weight! Level 82
Help Mary! Level 83
Take a picture of Mary! Level 84
Mary wants you to help her get rid of her acne Level 85
It’s too hot on the beach Level 86
Mary wants you to match her with Tom Level 87
Mary said she saw the stars. Where are they? Level 88
Camping requires a fire Level 89
You find Tom is a scumbag, find a way to break them up Level 90
Late At Night Its Time To Sleep? Level 91
Debby Wants To Watch Cartoons , Help Her Find The Remote Control> Level 92
Which Pan Just Cooked Something? Level 93
The Remote Control Cannot Be Found Again, How To Turn On The Tv? Level 94
Please Stop Dad From Hitting The Bulls Eye Level 95
Help Dad To Make Debby Happy? Level 96
The House Is On Fire What Should I Do? Level 97
Dont Let The Tv Fall To The Ground? Level 98
Mom Has Recived A Gift From Dad, Open? Level 99
Debby Wants To Sleep, How To Dim The Light? Level 100
Debby Is Taking A Nap How To Wake Her Up Level 101
How To Make A Fire For A Family Barbecue Level 102
Debby Couldnt Help But Pee Her Pants She's Very Shy What Should I Do Level 103
Mom Washed Her Dirty Dress , How To Dry It Level 104
How To Make Lip See The Eye Chart Clearly Level 105
Looks Like Lip Acidently Broke The Hat, How To Help Him Fix It Level 106
Something Is Scorched In The Microwave Level 107
Help Him Get His Game Console Level 108
Mom Is Tired Of Doing Housework, Find Someone To Help Her Level 109
Find Dad's Case Dought Level 110
Help Lip, Stop The Dog From Barking Level 111
Dad Goes To Work At 9'O Clock How Can He Not Be Late Level 112
Dinner Time Wakeup Dad Level 113
Please Help Lip To Score Level 114
Lip Keeps Playing With His Mobile Phone While Eating, How To Stop Him Level 115
Dad Wants To Give Children Christmas Gifts, How To Make The Smoke Go Out Level 116
Debby Is Hooked On The Carousel How To Stop Her Level 117
Debby Wants To Eat The Biggesy Cake Level 118
The Neighbours Party Downstairs Tii Loud To Sleep Level 119
Please Help Debby Find Where The Panda Is? Level 120
Please Help Everyone Get Into The School Bus Level 121
Willa Wants To Take Pictures Now, What Should She Do? Level 122
Please Help Jack With Debate Level 123
Tony Wants To Sleep In Secret During Class, Can You Help Him Level 124
How Can Willa Successfully Skip Class Level 125
Please Dont Let Tony Get A Zero On This Test Level 126
Help Tony Xhoose The Right Clothes For Dating Level 127
Tony Is Bullied Help Jack To Save Him Level 128
Please Help Tony Pick A Gift For Willa Level 129
The Basketball Hidden By The Teacher, Help For It Level 130
How To Jump Over The Rope Level 131
Tony Is Late, Help Him Enter The School Level 132
Tony Soap Fell Tyo The Ground Pickitup Level 133
Someone Tricked Mr White, Help Find Out Who Did It Level 134
Jack And Willa Are Cleaning The Stairs How Should Tony Go Downstairs Level 135
How Can Jack Succeed If He Wants To Pass A Note To Willa Level 136
Tony's Computer Is Infected Help Him Turn Of The Computer Level 137
Please Help Mr White Find His Glasses Level 138
Who Is Secretely Eating Snacks Level 139
Willa Is Such A Terrible Singer How To Stop Her From Singing Level 140
Tony Got A Bad Exam How To Make Him Happy Level 141
Jack Want To Show Villa The Fireflies Where Are They Level 142
How To Get Tony Jack Back Together Level 143
This Is A Good Opurtunity For Tony Level 144
Please Help Tony Win Jack Level 145
Please Tidy Up The Messy Classroom Level 146
Please Help Willa Succeed In Hurdles Level 147
Stop Tony From Running Away From Home Level 148
Tony Recently Sent Too Many Gifts To The Camgirl, How To Stop Him Level 149
A Ghost Crawled Out Of The Tv , Save Them Level 150