Death Incoming Walkthrough [All Levels]


Death Incoming is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Death Incoming Answers
Killed By Elecronic Shock Level 1
Hanging To Death Level 2
Killed By Hook Level 3
Zombies From Dead Level 4
Dangerous Cattle Level 5
Choked To Death Level 6
Killed By Inertia Level 7
Shark Attack Level 8
Killed By Crash Level 9
Stung To Death Level 10
Killed By Icicle Level 11
Choked To Death Level 12
Mass Makes Mess Level 13
Drowning To Death Level 14
Automobile Thrill Show Level 15
Killed By Bbq Skewers Level 16
Killed By Explosion Level 17
Died In Chemical Pool Level 18
Killed By Ballistic Level 19
Killed By Snake Level 20
Smashed To Fdeath Level 21
Death On Impact Level 22
Limited Loading Level 23
Swallowed Whole Level 24
Dangerous Cattle Level 25
Killed By Toxic Level 26
Killed By Lamp Level 27
Massacre Level 28
Battle To Death Level 29
Killed By Bbq Sticks Level 30
Shot By Accident Level 31
Killed By Tiger Level 32
Alien Parasites Level 33
Killed By Crocodile Level 34
No Zuo No Die Level 35
Cut In Half Level 36
Excessive Bleeding Level 37
Killed By Falling Objects Level 38
Killed By Crash Level 39
Killed By Fire Level 40
Drowning To Death Level 41
Killed By Electronic Shock Level 42
Killed By Knife Level 43
Killed By Tree Level 44
Smashed To Death Level 45
Asphixated Level 46
Killed By Knife Level 47
Killed By Flower Level 48
Killed By Stone Level 49
Death By Mousetrap Level 50
Killed By Fire Level 51
Smashed To Death Level 52
Drowned Level 53
Smashed To Death Level 54
Killed By Manhole Level 55
Drowned To Death Level 56
Executed Level 57
Smashed To Death Level 58
Killed By Accident Level 59
Killed By Poisoned Food Level 60
Killed By Crocodile Level 61
Hanging To Death Level 62
Mass Makes Mess Level 63
Killed By Accident Level 64
Dangerous Collocation Level 65
Killed By Knife Level 66
Killed By Electronic Shock Level 67
Killed By Accident Level 68
Diving Accident Level 69
Smash To Death Level 70
Smash To Death Level 71
Smash To Death Level 72
Killed By Elecronic Shock Level 73
Drowned To Death Level 74
Performance Accident Level 75
Smash To Death Level 76
Smash To Death Level 77
Beheaded Yo Death Level 78
Smash To Death Level 79
Killed By Electronic Shock Level 80
Smash To Death Level 81
Killed By Zombies Level 82
Killed By Hot Metal Level 83
Frozen To Death Level 84
Killed In A Car Crash Level 85
Alien Parasites Level 86
Killed By Elecronic Shock Level 87
Hanging To Death Level 88
Killed By Hook Level 89
Zombies From Dead Level 90