Detective Masters Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Detective Masters Mind Puzzles is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

nterrogate suspects to find out if they are guilty! Can you punish all criminals?

Too many criminals, too little time. You’re on the hunt to pull the bad guys off the streets. Who robbed the bank? Who broke out of prison? Who caused this death? Find the hidden object or the clue to get crime out of your city. Incoming!

Detective Masters Step by Step Hints

Level 1 – Tap Write the confession-You are a psychopath-knife-Destroying evidence is a crime-Arrest
Level 2 – Tap all the clues knife-lady-flower- fingerprints
Level 3 – Tap Truth-Lie-Lie-Truth-Lie
Level 4 – Check Video and find all the clues moneybag-fingerprints-cap-shovel
Level 5 – Tap There won’t be coffee in jail-Tap glass-But you are wearing a gold chain!-hit him-Arrest
Level 6 – Check Video and find all the clues
Level 7 – Tap Lie-Lie-truth-truth-lie
Level 8 – swipe and fix the image
Level 9 – Tap You killed a prostitute-Tie-you have lipstick on your neck!-Hit him-Refuse a bribe-Execute
Level 10 – Will Update Soon
Level 11 – Check Video and find all the clues
Level 12 – Tap Truth-Lie-truth-lie-truth
Level 13 – Check Video and restore the images
Level 14 – Tap You carry a gun-rose-He molested your sister!-killing bad people is also illegal-Arrest
Level 15 – Will Update Soon
Level 16 – Check Video and find all the clues
Level 17 – Tap Lie-truth-lie-lie-truth
Level 18 – swipe and fix the image
Level 19 – Tap Lawyer Won’t help you-It’s a fake!-Purple spray-You’ve already sold it!-Hit him-Arrest
Level 20 – Will Update Soon

Detective Masters Video Walkthrough