Easy Game Brain Test Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Easy Game Brain Test is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Test your IQ and have tons of fun with these tricky brain games! Think outside the box and you’ll be a champion! Try this brain twister, challenge your mind, and prove that you’re the smartest!

Easy Game Brain Test Answers
Level 1 Which is lighter?
Level 2 Assemble a dog.
Level 3 Which of the planets is the largest?
Level 4 Grow a flower.
Level 5 How many apples are there?
Level 6 Find the largest snowman.
Level 7 Cross the river.
Level 8 Guess the card.
Level 9 How many facets does this diamond have?
Level 10 What will you take with you to survive the zombie apocalypse?
Level 11 Find number 9.
Level 12 Fix three of the driver's mistakes.
Level 13 Which hand is the coin in?
Level 14 Which of the flowers are real?
Level 15 Water the lion.
Level 16 Help John!
Level 17 Help Tom blow out all the candles!
Level 18 Build a tower from these shapes.
Level 19 Create a shape with the maximum number of angles.
Level 20 Assemble a bird.
Level 21 Why is he so surprised?
Level 22 Whihc one is a mermaid?
Level 23 How much fun was the game?
Level 24 Save the snails!
Level 25 How do you enter the shop?
Level 26 Find the solution.
Level 27 There is a waterfall ahead. Rescue the snail!
Level 28 Help the wizard disappear.
Level 29 How many watermelons are there?
Level 30 Wake the kitten up.
Level 31 Make it rain.
Level 32 Find the objects.
Level 33 Make the equation correct
Level 34 Help the elephant win!
Level 35 Find gold.
Level 36 Who ate the fish?
Level 37 What picture will be created?
Level 38 What is the maximum number of parts you can split the moon into with two cuts?
Level 39 Place all the shapes according to the rules.
Level 40 Help the woman find her glasses.
Level 41 Prepare the financial report.
Level 42 The salesman didn't give you your change! Take back what's yours.
Level 43 Find a strange dice
Level 44 Color the carrot.
Level 45 Help the cats get home.
Level 46 Help the couple warm up.
Level 47 Heads or tails?
Level 48 Choose the best ring.
Level 49 Help the driver over the abyss.
Level 50 Don't get sunburn.
Level 51 The cat has been playing with the balls of yarn. Tidy up.
Level 52 Start a party!
Level 53 Wind balls of yarn.
Level 54 Cheer him up.
Level 55 Save the knight!
Level 56 The sum of which three numbers equals 17?
Level 57 What will the size of the angle become?
Level 58 Reach the exit after collecting all the coins. Swipe to move.
Level 59 One of the doors is hiding the exit. The other two are brocked up. Find your way out on the first try.
Level 60 Score 15 with all the dice.
Level 61 Reach the exit.
Level 62 Position the objects so that they do not repeat in a line or column.
Level 63 How do you reach both houses on time?
Level 64 Kill the virus.
Level 65 Which banknote will you pick up?
Level 66 Save both acrobats.
Level 67 Answer the phone.
Level 68 Place the numbers in the circles so that the sum of numbers in each line equals 8.
Level 69 How many triangles are depicted?
Level 70 What color will their kitten be?
Level 71 Find three wrong cards.
Level 72 Put watermelon on each table.
Level 73 Stop when the sequence is shown.
Level 74 Which of the paintings is fake?
Level 75 Make a triangle.
Level 76 Collect 100 coins in the piggy bank.
Level 77 What is priceless?
Level 78 Find 3 black horses.
Level 79 Touch the painting.
Level 80 Guess who this person is based on the things he uses.
Level 81 Close the image.
Level 82 What is she dreaming of?
Level 83 Can you hack the code?
Level 84 Complete the snowflake.
Level 85 Which chest contains gold?
Level 86 Save the bird!
Level 87 Beat the barbarian! Complete all the barbarian's tasks.
Level 88 Toss a coin to your buddy!
Level 89 Switch on all the light bulbs.
Level 90 Make a copy of the key.
Level 91 Score 12 with all the dice.
Level 92 Charge the batteries using electricity
Level 93 Fix the sign.
Level 94 Whose party is it?
Level 95 How many letters have you received?
Level 96 Assemble the burgers.
Level 97 Help catch the criminal.
Level 98 Knit the scarf on time.
Level 99 Buy the best house.
Level 100 Pop the balloons!
Level 101 Where is the camera looking from?
Level 102 Find a fake coin.
Level 103 Place all the T shapes in the field.
Level 104 Level
Level 105 Learn the code.
Level 106 Grow a tree.
Level 107 What is this shape?
Level 108 Place all shapes in the area above them.
Level 109 Help the barbarian win the race!
Level 110 Create the biggest number by moving two matches.
Level 111 A rabbit can pick two carrots per minute. How many carrots can it pick from this field in ten minutes?
Level 112 What numbers can you see?
Level 113 Leave the bathroom.
Level 114 Make something edible.
Level 115 Turn on all the light bulbs.
Level 116 How many numbers can you see?
Level 117 Remove three wrong cards from the pack.
Level 118 Complete the barbarians tasks.
Level 119 What is missing number?
Level 120 Find a kitten.
Level 121 An elephant can eat 3 bales of hay every 8 minutes. How much can he eat in 1 hour in this field?
Level 122 Can you solve this simple problem?
Level 123 Help the child complete the snowman.
Level 124 What is the missing number?
Level 125 Catch a fish.
Level 126 Swap the white and balck rabbits.
Level 127 Stop the invasion of ants!
Level 128 Remove the mermaid's curse.
Level 129 Get exactly 3 gallons of water.
Level 130 Get to Mars.
Level 131 Buy a ring from the merchant at a discount.
Level 132 Why has the police officer arrested this criminal?
Level 133 You've lost the key to your house What do you do?
Level 134 How much water does the cloud contain?
Level 135 Restore the supply of electricity.
Level 136 Stop the barbarian.
Level 137 The boy has dropped his ice cream. make him laugh!
Level 138 Rescue this man!
Level 139 What is the barbarian's weakness?
Level 140 Find a gem on the first try.
Level 141 Who is the tallest at this party?
Level 142 The prisoner is guarding the chest. How do you distract him?
Level 143 Make them happy.
Level 144 The boy can't find his way home, he got lost in the forest.
Level 145 Guess who is knocking on the door.
Level 146 Guess where the king is.
Level 147 Who lives in the flat?
Level 148 Find all the circles.
Level 149 Help the snail reach the ecit.
Level 150 How shpuld the gold be shared?
Level 151 Don't let the mole spoil the harvest!
Level 152 How will you get inot the fortress?
Level 153 What does the police officer want?
Level 154 Who stole the diamond an hour ago?
Level 155 Plant a money tree.
Level 156 What can you see?
Level 157 Which egg is the chick in?
Level 158 The artiest forgot his paint. Help him!
Level 159 Conjure a rabbit from the hat!
Level 160 Hit the magician.
Level 161 What's on the lakebed?
Level 162 Get out of the well.
Level 163 Reach the exit after collecting all the coins. Swipe to move.
Level 164 One of them is Jimmy, he is standing on the edge. If Charlotte moved to stand near Ben, then Mike would be standing next to his namesake.
Level 165 Help the little ant get home.
Level 166 Find all of the bike's tattoos.
Level 167 Make the equation correct.
Level 168 Arrest all the criminals.
Level 169 Find the missing exit.
Level 170 Help this elderly woman finish her scarf.
Level 171 Help the barbarian escape!
Level 172 Help the Barbarian get a date.
Level 173 Where are all these people going?
Level 174 Jump over the black cube!
Level 175 What color is the car?
Level 176 Put all the apples into the bucket.
Level 177 Reconcile the employees.
Level 178 Don't fall into the pit!
Level 179 Perform a trick.
Level 180 Launch the rocket into space!
Level 181 How many pieces can you cut the pizza into with just two cuts?
Level 182 Find your lunch box.
Level 183 What's in the black box?
Level 184 Don't let the burglar rob your house!
Level 185 Find something to eat.
Level 186 Find the biggest number.
Level 187 Turn on the light.
Level 188 Destroy the fortress with three shots.
Level 189 What will the artist paint?
Level 190 Save the masterpiece!
Level 191 Help the magician make the kettlebells vanish.
Level 192 Assemble a burger.
Level 193 Beat Dave at dice.
Level 194 Heal the frog.
Level 195 Life the kettlebell.
Level 196 Cool off!
Level 197 Which balloon will pop first if you release them into the air?
Level 198 Which mountain was the highest in the world before Everest was discovered?
Level 199 Place all shapes in the empty area.
Level 200 If this digit is flipped over, it reduces by 3.
Level 201 Break the record.
Level 202 Stop the robbery!
Level 203 Find a secret door.
Level 204 Make the boxer in the red shorts win.
Level 205 Buy the largest watermelon.
Level 206 What is the missing number? Continue the sequence.
Level 207 George and Alice arranged to meet in the third train car. George has counted train cars from the back of the train while Alice - frm the front Will they end up in the same train car?
Level 208 What comes next?
Level 209 There are 4 floors above Irene's apartment and 3 floors below it. How many floors does the building have?
Level 210 Solve the problem.
Level 211 Make room on the sofa for the cat.
Level 212 What come next?
Level 213 Find a suspicious character.
Level 214 Which car should be removed so that the other cars can continue their way?
Level 215 Restore the supply of electricity.
Level 216 Take the red cube without ruining the tower.
Level 217 Place these people in the correct order.
Level 218 Place the tourist attractions in the correct cities.
Level 219 Restore the supply of electricity.
Level 220 Get the coconut.
Level 221 Pop the balloon.
Level 222 Take the coins out of the money box.
Level 223 Restore the supply of electricity.
Level 224 Get the jackpot.
Level 225 Who is going to leave the concert?
Level 226 How many canles can be used?
Level 227 Help Johnny find his dog.
Level 228 Cross the road.
Level 229 Make the king laugh.
Level 230 Get the man at the back of the line quickly to the counter.
Level 231 Find 10 virus molecules 0/10
Level 232 What's its name?
Level 233 How can the girl avoid an unpleasant conversation?
Level 234 Get into the shop.
Level 235 Knock down all of the pins.
Level 236 Complete the picture.
Level 237 Remove the odd objects.
Level 238 Who are all these people?
Level 239 Solve the equation.
Level 240 Help him get past the security guard.
Level 241 Get the snail to the exit.
Level 242 Leave the office unnoticed.
Level 243 Buy the potato and carrot.
Level 244 Who lives in this house?
Level 245 Cross the lava.
Level 246 Make the game concole work.
Level 247 Find a green sneaker, yellow T-shirt, whistle, and number 3.
Level 248 Buy the watermelon.
Level 249 Remove the piano.
Level 250 Cope with the chaos.
Level 251 Get a hole in one.
Level 252 Cheer up the character!
Level 253 Help the couple meet.
Level 254 Help the snail meet its friend.
Level 255 Help them meet.
Level 256 Make a cup of tea.
Level 257 Where can't you see the top of the skyscraper from?
Level 258 Cut the maximum number of pieces.
Level 259 Help the character call their dog.
Level 260 Put the cup on the saucer.
Level 261 Lift the glass without touching it.
Level 262 Open the lock.
Level 263 Enter the missing number.
Level 264 Make 10 squares.
Level 265 Find a triangle.
Level 266 Add up all the numbers.
Level 267 Complete the egg.
Level 268 Who robbed the bank?
Level 269 Select six bananas.
Level 270 Help find the lost boy.
Level 271 Place all shapes in the empty area.
Level 272 Follow the sign to find the way out.
Level 273 What's the hidden shape?
Level 274 What's the answer?
Level 275 How do you make a hexagon?
Level 276 Complete the puzzle.
Level 277 What time does clock 5 show?
Level 278 Complete the puzzle.
Level 279 Add up all the numbers.
Level 280 Are you smart enough to spot spot the mistake that I made?
Level 281 Help her dry her hair.
Level 282 Balance the scale.
Level 283 Remove the rind from the watermelon.
Level 284 Silence, please.
Level 285 Make the equation correct.
Level 286 Empty the bathtub.
Level 287 Higher pitch, please.
Level 288 Something is wrong here...
Level 289 Help, my tongue is stuck!
Level 290 Feed the sheep.
Level 291 Tap 5 buttons to fill the calculator's entire screen with the number 3.
Level 292 What comes next?
Level 293 Go around the world.
Level 294 Tap the largest.
Level 295 Help him fall asleep.
Level 296 Fix the computer.
Level 297 Get a bullseye.
Level 298 Remove 2 matches to leave 2 squares.
Level 299 The hearth does not work. Help Maria cook pies.
Level 300 How many holes?
Level 301 Fit the pieces together.
Level 302 Move 3 matches to make 3 squares.
Level 303 Find the eggplant.
Level 304 All lines need a red dot.
Level 305 Balance the scale.
Level 306 Tap when it's on the green area!
Level 307 Use the pieces to create a smaller hat.
Level 308 Put the numbers in the correct order.
Level 309 Pick 5 pink flowers.
Level 310 Find a needle.
Level 311 What color is the fridge?
Level 312 What's bigger than 3 and smaller than 7?
Level 313 Fill the glass without touching the dish.
Level 314 Which one has the biggest blue area?
Level 315 Put the blue coin below without touching the red one.
Level 316 Make 4. The matches should be the same size.
Level 317 Figure out how to make the red car win the race.
Level 318 Help him sneeze.
Level 319 Score a goal.
Level 320 Find 3 differently colored circles that are at an equal distance from each other.
Level 321 What's the hidden code?
Level 322 Draw a path that creates a correct equation.
Level 323 Find the fruit halves: pear straberry, apple, pineapple.
Level 324 Grab the coin.
Level 325 Open the safe.
Level 326 Help the sheep!
Level 327 Turn off all the lights.
Level 328 Swap their positions.
Level 329 Reach the end, stepping in every cell only once.
Level 330 Divide to get 20.
Level 331 Put at least one apple in each basket. Large baskets should have more apples than smaller baskets.
Level 332 Answer fast!
Level 333 Which is the heaviest?
Level 334 Pay.
Level 335 Minimize the windows.
Level 336 How many rabbit eggs are there?
Level 337 Help the boat get to the shore.
Level 338 How many ones are there from number 1 to number 99?
Level 339 Help him get the toy.
Level 340 Reach the flag.
Level 341 If you see this, you win. What are you playing?
Level 342 Topple the card tower.
Level 343 You can take only one suitcase!
Level 344 Break the glass with the megaphone.
Level 345 Help the opponents reconcile.
Level 346 Schedule all tasks.
Level 347 Help him charm her.
Level 348 Get some food without getting up from the sofa.
Level 349 Catch the ball.
Level 350 Make it so that the owl can't see you.