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    Flow Fit Cities Answers and Cheats

    Here are the answers and cheats to Flow Fit Cities in World Tour. There are totally 3 levels in this puzzle. If you need help with other levels check out Flow Fit Cheats and Answerspage.

    • Level 1 – Giza, Ice, And, Weld, Was, Lye, Suez (Egypt)
    • Level 2 – Nice, Row, Gone, And, Lyon, Gal, Irony, Condo, Ewe (France)
    • Level 3 – Tokyo, Tango, Nerve, Karma, Opera, Osaka (Japan)
    • Level 4 – Seoul, Realm, Busan, Shrub, Ovals, Lemon (South Korea)
    • Level 5 – Dover, Era, Cello, Vat, Leeds, Lad, Ore, Valve, Decal, Roots (England)
    • Level 6 – Milan, Afar, Fet, Duo, Rome, Inner, Tier, Are, Lagoon, Urn, Maid, If (Italy)
    • Level 7 – Toronto, Woe, Aspired, Pan, Calgary, Dry, Tee, Nor, Owing, Pal, Spa, Tea (Canada)
    • Level 8 – Riyadh, Scrape, Whirls, Medina, Swam, Itch, Rind, Afar, Plan, Hues (Saudi Arabia)
    • Level 9 – Zurich, Any, Am, Pry, So, One, Law, Geneva, Owe, Mesa, Cyan, In, Ray, Zaps (Switzerland)
    • Level 10 – Venice, Shadow, Eureka, Naples, Hula, Near, Cook, Ways, Deal, Naples (Italy)
    • Level 11 – Brisbane, Taco, Trailers, Owls, Adelaide, See, Nor, Ace, Balsa, Still, Awe, Rod, But (Australia)
    • Level 12 – Mumbai, Mug, Awa, Memo, Ardor, Magma, So, Delhi, Trophy, Oily, Awash (India)
    • Level 13 – Juarez, Bleach, Lane, Castle, Cancun, Jab, Areas, Excel, Antic, Eon, Llama (Mexico)
    • Level 14 – Memoir, Perth, Be, Lesson, Smear, Sydney, Ogre, Rhino, It, Orbs, Me, Epee, Sued, An, My, Bless (Australia)
    • Level 15 – Bogota, Hex, Medellin, Render, Was, Red, Idol, Emu, Urn, Am, Ire, Teller, Old, Den, Oxides, Era, Ham, Be (Colombia)
    • Level 16 – Brasilia, Adhesive, Seasoned, Saopaulo, Lain, Veil, Axed, Soda, Sues, Halo, Rude, Asks (Brazil)
    • Level 17 – Shanghai, Estimate, Athletes, Hongkong, Each, Host, Nail, Then, Meek, Teen, Heat, Ices (China)
    • Level 18 – Kandahar, Idiom, Knee, Kabul, Rudeness, Plop, Kicker, Nine, Do, Amp, Lobe, Us, Repels (Afghanistan)
    • Level 19 – Montreal, Boa, Scope, On, Leaky, Edmonton, Ail, Glue, Oboe, No, Task, Cyan, Ego, It, Polo, Lien (Canada)
    • Level 20 – Toulouse, Cheat, Of, Ash, Wheel, Roe, Bordeaux, Tech, Hero, Use, Awed, Oath, Us, Shoe, Era, Flex (France)
    • Level 21 – Hamburg, Emerald, Mow, Pie, Uneaten, Hanover, Bar, Ammonia, Ewe, Bar, Relieve, Den, Apt, Ago, Ewe (Germany)
    • Level 22 – Chicago, Eyesore, Charade, Detroit, Coerced, Inexact, Avocado, Overeat (United States)
    • Level 23 – Seattle, Age, Grandpa, Sandals, Phoenix, Owe, Ear, Again, Ten, Drawn, Lei, Ads, Lip, Ash (United States)
    • Level 24 – Cologne, Outlaws, Dribble, Dresden, Cue, Air, Crowded, Lattice, Oil, Bus, Grabbed, Eastern (Germany)
    • Level 25 – Seville, Collage, Academy, Name, Granda, Lean, Ego, Ill, Leave, Lag, Enemy, Mud, Den, Llama, Car, Clang (Spain)
    • Level 26 – Justified, Glasgow, Trainee, Edindurgh, Gear, Wish, Ego, Fuse, An, Lien, Saga, Jolt (Scotland)
    • Level 27 – Barcelona, Auto, Atop, Cadets, Ad, Layout, Earn, Adds, Daybed, Toledo, Pulsating, At (Spain)
    • Level 28 – Jerusalem, Epoxy, Rob, Telaviv, Was, Note, Ices, Ire, Rob, Mob, Lyric, Vie, Sofa, Up, Lei, Reset, Atom, Jaw (Israel)
    • Level 29 – Amsterdam, Eon, Abandoned, To, Explicate, Run, Rotterdam, Amateur, Box, Sea, Pit, Ire, Occur, End, Tonal, Den, And, Eat, Midterm (The Netherlands)
    • Level 30 – Alphabet, Liar, Capetown, Arid, Err, Tundra, Near, Pretoria, Oat, Rendered, Aide, Note, Tad, Pigeon, Heed, Art, Broker (South Africa)