GetFact Chameleon Answers


Here are the answers to all the levels of GetFact Chameleon puzzles. Each puzzle is a fact and we have to find the missing word to complete the fact.

  • The British eat more ___ than the French. – ONIONS
  • The Bank of America was originally called the Bank of ___ – ITALY
  • Chilli peppers taste ___ in space than on Earth – MILDER
  • 64% of Americans prefer their ___’s company to their partner’s – CAT
  • In 2017 a Brazilian great-gandmother discovered the figure of St Anthony that she’s prayed to for years was actually an ___ from The ___ of the ____. – ELF-LORD-RINGS
  • A book by George H.W. Bush’s ___ spent 23 weeks on the US bestseller list – DOG
  • A clock’s ___ hand is really its ___ hand – SECOND-THIRD

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