GetFact Cow Answers


Here are the answers to all the levels of GetFact Cow puzzles. Each puzzle is a fact and we have to find the missing word to complete the fact.

  • Nobody known who invented the ___ _____. The patent records were destroyed in a fire. – FIRE-HYDRANT
  • Most orangutans are left-handed but most ____ and chimpanzees are right-handed – GORILLAS
  • By 2050 the ___ in the world’s oceans will outweight the fish – PLASTIC
  • 1% of all th etimber sold in the world is bought by – IKEA
  • Orangutans like playing with ___ but gorillas do not. – IPADS
  • Spiders tune their webs like ___ – GUITARS
  • Prince Charles wants to reduce grey squirrel numbers by feeding them contraceptives hidden in ___ – NUTELLA
  • In the French Harry Potter books Voldemort’s middle name is ____ – ELVIS
  • A beer tap on a plane would dispense only ___. – FOAM
  • All the ___ on Earth store just ten minutes of the world’s electricity needs. – BATTERIES

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