GetFact Otter Answers


Here are the answers to all the levels of GetFact Otter puzzles. Each puzzle is a fact and we have to find the missing word to complete the fact.

  • An Italian estate agent was the inspiration for the handsome sadistic hero of __ – FIFTY-SHADES-GREY
  • In Sweden you can buy __ called Krapp – TOILET PAPER
  • Houses in Vermont have windows that are slanted diagonally to stop __ getting in – WITCHES
  • The hollow bit in the top of a brick is called a – FROG
  • There is no word in English which rhymes with – PINT
  • Barack Obama has an irrational fear of – SNOWMEN
  • Every year consume more food than whales – SPIDERS
  • Mahatma Gandhi Pires Marlon Brando da Silveira John Lennon Silva Santos and Yago Pikachu are all – BRAZILIAN FOOTBALLERS
  • Buddha was not – FAT
  • The point of the is called the pogonion – CHIN
  • Dies every 14 days – LANGUAGE
  • Scientist have found a way to grow human ears on – APPLES
  • Sharks are older than – TREES
  • Dairy cows in Norway must have a __ to lie down on – MATTRESS
  • In Switzerland it is illegal to keep just one – GUINEA PIG
  • Britain exports to China – DEER TESTICLES
  • When we blush our __ goes red too – STOMACH LINING
  • Bouvet Island in Norway is so __ that after it was discovered in 1739 it was lost again for another 69 years – REMOTE
  • Invented the word hello – THOMAS EDISON
  • 225 Canadian __ die every year while urinating over the side of their boat – FISHERMEN
  • Prince Philip was born on a __ in Corfu – KITCHEN TABLE
  • A group of __ is called a loveliness – LADYBIRDS
  • Hyperthymesia is the inability to ever __ anything – FORGET
  • Human __ begins to degenerate at 55 years old – DNA
  • French tennis player Suzanne Lenglen drank __ between sets but won 98% of her games – BRANDY

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