GetFact Starfish Answers


Here are the answers to all the levels of GetFact Starfish puzzles. Each puzzle is a fact and we have to find the missing word to complete the fact.

  • All mammals regardless of size take twelve seconds to _ – DEFECATE
  • Leopard urine smells like – POPCORN
  • St.Jerome forbade nuns to eat _ because of the widespread belief that they excited the genitals of woman – BEANS
  • British children can be held responsible for crimes from age of 10 but can’t own a _ until they’re 16 – GOLDFISH
  • In the Fula language of West and Central Africa a computer crash is a known as a hooki which means a _ falling over but not dying – COW
  • Collectively Americans take 300000 years to do their _ every year – TAX-RETURNS
  • The US’s ninth-largest brewery has made a new beer from recycled _ water – SEWAGE
  • Bees can be taught to play _ – FOOTBALL
  • 31% of Chinese tourists pack instant _ when they travel – NOODLES
  • Sabrage is a technique for opening _ with a cavalry sword – CHAMPAGNE
  • If we could extend our lives indefinitely we’d still die but in an _ at an average age of 1200 – ACCIDENT
  • More than half of the Earth’s surface is not subject to any _ – NATION’S-LAWS
  • Object viewed from between the legs look _ – SMALLER
  • Cinema audiences _ in unison – BLINK
  • The award ceremony for _ writers is called The Grimmies – OBITUARY
  • The word Xmas in use before the word – CHRISTMAS
  • Drug-addicted _ are depleting India’s opium crop – PARROTS
  • The Serbian for pride means _ in Russian – DIARRHOEA

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