Kidding Me Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Kidding Me – Ready for tricky puzzle? is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

“Kidding Me” is a relaxing and challenging free puzzle game with lots of fun and smart tests. Various tests and brain teasers will challenge your mind. This fun puzzle game will break your common sense and give your brain fresh ideas. Your logical thinking skills, creativity, and computing skills will be challenged.

Kidding Me Walkthrough
How can i get an apple Level 121
Damn mosquito is here again, hit it Level 120
The progress bar is full to enter the next level Level 119
Ready for a picnic! Get things ready Level 118
Test you Level 117
Hit the mouse Level 116
From big to small click on the following fruits Level 115
Find out werewolves Level 114
Help the little boy to darken the sky Level 113
Shoot the ball into the goal Level 112
Let the crow drink water Level 111
Take hair off the table Level 110
Click on the food you can eat. Level 109
Celebrate with a bottle of champagne Level 108
How can the combination be the smallest number? Level 107
Guess what the password is? Level 106
Steal the meat in the mouth of a dinosaur Level 105
Piggy is so boring. Level 104
Which champagne is different? Level 103
Find a dig truck Level 102
What is the answer? Level 101
Can you catch 6 falling apples? Level 100
How can I mix a new color? Level 99
3.2.1, rocket launch! Level 98
What is the sum of the three largest numbers below? Level 97
How many black dots are there. Level 96
How many knives do you need to cut watermelon into 8 pieces? Level 95
Will you hint the gopher? Level 94
Make cards disappear. Level 93
Help Allen escape from the back room. Level 92
Fill the bucket with water Level 91
It's time for lunch, make your own instant noodles. Level 90
Let the little yellow dog win Level 89
Move two match sticks to get the lowest number Level 88
Kill mosquito Level 87
The phone is out of power. Charge it! Level 86
Blow out 2 matches, how many matches are there now? Level 85
Find a fly Level 84
How many triangles are there? Level 83
Find the entrance Level 82
Which one would you pick? Level 81
The little monkey picks 10 strawberries a minute, how many can it pick in ten minutes on the tree? Level 80
Find the picture below Level 79
Making coffee Level 78
Please choose a number to make the equation true. Level 77
What can a strong man not lift? Level 76
Monkey wants to eat banana again, please help Level 75
light up the candle Level 74
Click on the box on the right. Level 73
Once again help Jack win a doll. Level 72
Move 1 matchstick to make a biggest number! Level 71
How many slashes are there? Level 70
The pig is hungry. It wants an apple. Level 69
How can we make them a couple? Level 68
Please cover the sun for beautiful women Level 67
Help mowing the grass Level 66
Put the money in a piggy bank and count how much money we have? Level 65
The little yellow dog is gone again, find it out! Level 64
Please peel off the stones at the same time. Level 63
Click on the larger graphic. Level 62
How can I melt the ice? Level 61
Please put the shape in the corresponding position. Level 60
Please turn on all the lights. Level 59
How many haors? Level 58
Where is the gluttonous bear find out quickly? Level 57
Which one cannot be eaten? Level 56
Count the number of froges. Level 55
Can you come out of this maze? Level 54
Correct the direction Level 53
Where are the stars? Level 52
Find something you can eat! Level 51
Please choose a number to make the equation true. Level 50
Please park your car Level 49
How many squares are there? Level 48
Mom and girlfriend fell into the water at the same time, which one would you save first? Level 47
Monkey also want to eat bananas. Level 46
Where is the bat? Level 45
Could you find out the black spots. Level 44
Click "Pass" Level 43
Pour out the crisps Level 42
Help the motorcyclist win the race Level 41
Which of the following occupations only works one day a year? Level 40
What is your answer? Level 39
Find the little ox. Level 38
Help Jack win a doll. Level 37
What does a frog and a mosquito equal? Level 36
How many rabits are there? Level 35
Find the darkest color on the screen! Level 34
Which one is shoddy construction? Level 33
Which number is the smallest? Level 32
Tom's dog is gone. Where is it? Level 31
Click this Mosquito 10 times, then click pass button to pass this level! Level 30
Open tablet, please. Level 29
Mom and girlfriend fell into the water at the same time, which one would you save firsty? Level 28
The monkey wants to eat a banana, can you help it? Level 27
Can you hide the apple? Level 26
What is the maximum number that can be combined? Level 25
How do you get the same amount of wine in your glass? Level 24
What is your answer? Level 23
Find out a yellow dog! Level 22
Please,wake him up Level 21
help with ticket checking of the cinema Level 20
how to put elephants in the refrigerator? Level 19
whack a mole Level 18
rescue the bird Level 17
clean the mirror Level 16
turn on the lamp Level 15
Which color is the missing of rainbow colors? Level 14
count the holes in your clothes Level 13
Find out which one is different? Level 12
Please click in the following order Level 11
how many points will you give this game Level 10
What is your current body temperature? Level 9
What time is it in two hours? Level 8
cut the fruit from large to small Level 7
can you make a semi circle Level 6
which color is the most ? Level 5
which two of the following are carnivores? Level 4
which one is the tallest? Level 3
pop the red balloons from left to right Level 2
find the biggest One Level 1
Light up the 4th bulb Level 167
Find the "X" Level 166
Which of the following is really a mosquito? Level 165
Which flower is different below? Level 164
How many bottles of Coke can I buy for 8 coins? Level 163
Tap blue and green 7 times each Level 162
Find difference Level 161
Give the cake to your buddies Level 160
Hit the bullseye Level 159
Destroy this monster Level 158
The highest record holder for clicking the button is 500 times, please break the record Level 157
Find out what kind of animal needs to be placed in the blank box below? Level 156
Click on the fourth lighted bulb Level 155
Which one is unhappy below Level 154
Which of the following people has the darkest skin Level 153
How many digits is 9 between 1-100? Level 152
Defeat all enemies in 10 seconds Level 151
Which of the following kittens is real? Level 150
Please light up the bulb Level 149
Let the equation below hold Level 148
Find 8 mocking faces in 10 seconds Level 147
It's too cold. Add clothes! Level 146
Open this code book Level 145
Which of the following wishes do you want to achieve? Level 144
Connect the line and turn on the light in 20 seconds Level 143
The picture is out. Where is it? Level 142
Let the little yellow dog win the game Level 141
Rescue Kiwi Level 140
Please let the sky rain and alleviate the drought of the land Level 139
Where is the prince? Level 138
Which looks the most beautiful below Level 137
Enter the numbers you see in the picture below Level 136
Get the bunny into the elevator Level 135
Please open the safe Level 134
Make the truck win Level 133
Recued a fish in 10 seconds Level 132
Complete the puzzle Level 131
Where is the Vatican? Level 130
Let's go to the zoo together. Look, very tall giraffe, take a picture. Level 129
Get the bird back in the nest Level 128
Do a simple math problem Level 127
Open the back room Level 126
The remote control is broken, helping the robot collect two batteries Level 125
Cross the bridge Level 124
Come to guess the boxing, win the AI and let you pass Level 123
It takes 6 minutes to bake one loaf, so how many minutes does it take to bake three buns Level 122