Mozzgi Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Mozzgi – Logic IQ games is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Mozzgi is a new striking tricky puzzle game that will definitely freak you out! Numbers of twisted brain riddles will develop your logical ability, memory, and creativity. All questions are designed to boost up your brain and imagination. Learning has never been so fun and exciting!

Mozzgi Answers
which of them is the smallest? Level 1
which cat has the longest whiskers? Level 2
choose the correct option? Level 3
balance the scales. Level 4
find a sad boy. Level 5
where’s ice cream? Level 6
which planet the furthest from us? Level 7
find a yellow sticky note. Level 8
make the flower violet. Level 9
write your answer. Level 10
rate the app. Level 11
turn on the light. Level 12
what is encrypted here? Level 13
who is to blame? Level 14
you’re packing a backpack for hiking. Which is the odd one out? Level 15
find the correct shadow. Level 16
the boy picks 10 apples per minute. How many apples will he pick in 10 minutes? Level 17
find him a girlfriend. Level 18
find some food on this desert island. Level 19
what’s the name of the city where this building is situated? Level 20
how to fix the football? Level 21
find the biggest number. Level 22
tap faster. Level 23
Which number should be placed instead of the question mark? Level 24
what’s edible on this picture? Level 25
inflate the balloon. Level 26
you have to win. Level 27
pick the cheapest thing. Level 28
estimate the price of the ice cream. Level 29
looks like this cute kitten is ill. Help him to take his temperature. Level 30
get his fever down. Level 31
find the emojis that are different from the others. Level 32
put the ball in the box. Level 33
where does the arrow point to? Level 34
Which Dessert did vlad like the most in the "TRYING DESSERTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD" challenge? Level 35
swipe down. Level 36
help the teacher cross the lake. Level 37
free the butterfly. Level 38
how many cups are on the table? Level 39
what’s in the box? Level 40
which of them can be prepared but not eaten? Level 41
let Vlad out. Level 42
what is the brightest thing on the picture? Level 43
which number has to be on the keyring? Level 44
find a dark blue Level 45
find all the differences. Level 46
how many gadgets can you charge simultaneously? Level 47
what does a person need to survive on a desert island? Level 48
save the poor chickens. Level 49
how many legs does this centipede have? Level 50
save the cat. Level 51
find a misstake. Level 52
find the sixth volume of the book. Level 53
grill the steak. Level 54
make a cocktail. Level 55
make the full and the empty glasses alternate. Level 56
how many objects are on the screen? Level 57
cheer up the boy. Level 58
pick the apple. Level 59
find the letter A. Level 60
count the number of fruits and write the answer. Level 61
revive the bunny. Level 62