Mr Brain Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Mr Brain – Trick Puzzle Game is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

“Mr Brain” is an addictive trick puzzle game. Numbers of tricky brain puzzles will evakuate the logical ability, reflexes, accuracy, memory and even creativity. Thinking in ordinary way will trick you in “Mr Brain”. You will have different experience here. We also bring growth experience for you when you solve these tricky brain puzzles. The character in game will get upgraded and more characters will get unlocked. You will have amazing growth experience like playing RPG game here.

Mr Brain Walkthrough
Who works only one day a year? Level 1
Which color shows the most in the picture? Level 2
How many books are there on the table? Level 3
No smoking. Level 4
Who is the tallest one? Level 5
Make a NO PARKING sign. Level 6
Find the biggest fish! Level 7
Find the pentagon. Level 8
Hide the puppy. Level 9
Help Ming to figure it out. Level 10
Find the wolf in the sheep Level 11
If 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40...., then 10=? Level 12
Look at the graph, how many curves are there? Level 13
Who do you think is the most handsome one? Level 14
Quickly click all: Level 15
Help grandma cross the street. Level 16
How about this game? Level 17
His breath him! Level 18
How many holes are there in the sock? Level 19
Find something you can eat? Level 20
If a piece of paper is 0.01cm thick, and folded for 5 times cintinuously, then how thick the paper is now? Level 21
Stop the car at the stop sign. Level 22
Make the equation true. Level 23
Don't let my wife find out my secret money? Level 24
Where is Africa! Level 25
How many holes are there in the shorts? Level 26
Find out eatable food. Level 27
Click on the cards in sequence from small to large. Level 28
Drag the photo into the frame. Level 29
If you can only move 1 match, what is the maximum number you can make? Level 30
Figure it out. Level 31
If you can only move 2 matches, what is the maximum number you can make? Level 32
The TV leaks electric current. Turn it off. Level 33
Which is my daughter? Level 34
He forgot the password of the safe. Can you open it for him? Level 35
Find out the circle. Level 36
It takes 4 minutes to boil an egg. How many minutes to boil 3 eggs? Level 37
Lift the elevator Level 38
Dong's hen laid an egg at Ming's house, then who owns this egg? Level 39
How many keys are there on the screen? Level 40
Which color is darker area A or area B? Level 41
Obsessive-compulsive-disorder can not endure! Level 42
Have your champagne. Celebrate your intelligence! Level 43
How many points do you rate the game? Level 44
The computer gets stuck, please turn it off. Level 45
How many coins are there now? Level 46
Help Miss Bat to get sleep. Level 47
Level 48
Keep the balance balanced. Level 49
Finish this math problem. Level 50
Who's cross-dressing! Level 51
Click on the box on the right? Level 52
What resembles the puppy's right ear most? Level 53
How many ants Level 54
Let the equation be established. Level 55
Find out the unique apple. Level 56
Find out the regularity. Which space should the car parked in? Level 57
Which of the following is uneatable? Level 58
Take out of 3 candies from 5 candies, then how many candies do you have? Level 59
Create earthquakes over magnitude 5. Level 60
Find the graphic with the most number of edges. Level 61
When I was 5, my brother was twice my age, then I'm 10 now, how old is my brother? Level 62
Please drive the naughty kid away. Level 63
The police caught the thief and were counting how much money he had hidden. Level 64
What's the highest mountain in the world before mount Qomolangma was discovered? Level 65
Throw the ball in the basket. Level 66
Please turn on the light. Level 67
If there is $5 and $50 on the ground. How would you pick when you saw? Level 68
Find out which cup is Coke? Other cups are soy sauce! Level 69
It's dark. Which of the following is the brighest? Level 70
Put everthing in the box. Level 71
Which direction does the flashlight light point to? Level 72
Stop on the green chameleon! Level 73
So hungry! Make something to eat! Level 74
Which one is the shortest? Level 75
Make a rectangle. Level 76
Click on three numbers which add up to ten. Level 77
How many candles are there below. Level 78
Find out the unique sheep. Level 79
Click on the card by N times, the N equals the number on the card. Level 80
How to quickly make impossible become possible? Level 81
Jack received a notes from a girl who was doing well in math and then they fell in love. Why? Level 82
Hammer the nail all the way in! Level 83
Click on below iconsin ascending order. Level 84
Click on the card by N times, the N equals the number on the card. Level 85
Fix the sink! Level 86
Which book is thinner? Level 87
Gump lives on the 7th floor, but he can't find his own home. Level 88
How to make the old lady young? Level 89
Same equestion. Make all the water bottles the same! Level 90
Oh, I don't want to see this dirty world! Level 91
Cupid fired an arrow on you! Level 92
Find the regularity. Level 93
Use your talent to make the equation true. Level 94
Where does sheepwool mainly come from? Level 95
The rain is PH < 4. Drive carefully outside. Please take your car to the opposite station. Level 96
The TV was turned off. Would you please turn on the TV? Level 97
Let's play again. Find the heart. Level 98
Who is the king of animals at the zoo? Level 99
Work out an elementary school multiple choice equestion: Level 100
Move 2 matchsticks to create an upright chair. Level 101
There's an earthquake. Be careful! Please drive to the opposite stop Level 102
Take the car to the opposite stop sign! Level 103
Please enter the sum of the three largest numbers below Level 104
Hammer the nail all the way in! Level 105
If rear wheel turns 10 rounds, how many rounds does the front wheel turn? Level 106
Find the panda Level 107
Three hours later, where does the needle point to? Level 108
How many triangles are there on a pentagram? Level 109
How many black spots are there in the picture? Level 110
After dinner, please wipe their mouths with a piece of paper Level 111
Help the beauty take a photo of her perfect long legs Level 112
Light up the network regularly Level 113
Don't let anyone know you took an ace of hearts Level 114
Drag things in the right place? Level 115
Which bottle is soda Level 116
Count the number of hairs again Level 117
Turn off the solar bulb Level 118
13 people play hide-and-seek. 10 are found then how many people left? Level 119
Figure out the value of x Level 120
How to let the beauty chase you back? Level 121
Find out the D Level 122
Help him to propose Level 123
Find out the photo of jack and Gump Level 124
Find the j Level 125
How many apples on the tree? Level 126
Find the regularity and write the answer Level 127
Click in order 1,8,15,3,5,80,18,6 Level 128
The weather is not good today please drive the car across the street Level 129
Please drive to the opposite stop, road engineer Level 130
Find out water in the bucket Level 131
Ming wants to drive to the opposite station but his eyes are high myopic. please help Level 132
Find out the water in the bucket Level 133
Ming wants to drive to the opposite station but his eyes are high myopic please help. Level 134
How to transform 2 triangles into 8 triangles? Level 135
The pretty needs to change. Don't let anyone see her. Level 136
Correct the direction. Level 137
Catch them all! Level 138
What's the value of the cash? Level 139
Gump pressed down by the hill. Please help him get free from it. Level 140
Please point the arrow to the road. Level 141
Win the game! Ming:X You:O It's your turn. Level 142
Fix the sink! Level 143
Find the chicken. Level 144
How many differnce are there? Level 145
Walk to the exit. Level 146
How to turn Men's Toilet into Women's Toilet. Level 147
Find out the rule. Which space will the car park in? Level 148
How many quadrangles are there below? Level 149
Who lives the longest on earth? Level 150
Find the real bird. Level 151
This is a mysterious piece of paper. Release it. Level 152
If 5 hens lay 5 eggs in 5 days, then how many hens could lay 100 eggs in 100 days? Level 153
Click on the food below. Level 154
Today is my second birthday Level 155
Use what you have learned to make the equation below true. Level 156
Find the unhappy bee! Level 157
Help the lady to lose her weight. Level 158
Guess which pool will full first? Level 159
Choose the following fruits from small to large. Level 160
Help Ming to calculate the price. Level 161
How to spell the number larger than 3 and smallerthan 4 by 3 chopsticks? Level 162
Which one is the farthest from us? Level 163
Make this equation true. Level 164
Find the perimeter of the figure below Level 165
Which building is a shoddy project? Level 166
Click red blue, green, white, purple, orange, Successively. Level 167
How many 9s are there in the 100 Number from "I" to "100"? Level 168
Is the pillar cylinder or prism? Level 169
Calculate the following equation. Level 170
There are 10 candles, 3 are blow out and how many are left? Level 171
Count the black dots again. Level 172
It's so boring to be alone! Level 173
Can you make it hotter in here? Level 174
Find the 0 Level 175
There are 5 people ahead and 2 behind the snail. Hw many snails are there in the line? Level 176
Matchstick Puzzle! Level 177
Light up the 5th bulb! Level 178
What's the net weight of the chicken? Level 179
Find the cat among the owls! Level 180
Please drive to the opposite stop, magician. Level 181
That makes it true. Level 182
Click on all the even numbers below. Level 183
If the gun is fired once in a minute, then how many guns are fired in ten minute? Level 184
Find the biggest number! Level 185
Click on the slowest Level 186
Which bubble is the largest? Level 187
Who's smarter? Level 188
Find the hidden stars. Level 189
What is between true and false? Level 190
In question No. 189, how many stars above of the three kids? Level 191
Match the card! Level 192
Mix red and blue together Level 193
Find the polar bear! Level 194
Put the giaffe into the fridge! Level 195
Help the the Snail win! Level 196
Form a smallest possible number Level 197
Please put piggy bun on every plate Level 198
Which rope can make a knot? Level 199
Play it again. Find the hearts. Level 200
Come on! Who would you save? Level 201
Make him happy! Level 202
Scare them off! Level 203
Which direction does the finger point to? Level 204
How many differents spots between 2 pictures? Level 205
Look! how many faces do you see in the whole process? Level 206
Gump wants to drink the milk at the bottom of the glass. Please help him. Level 207
Turn on the least switch to get water! Level 208
Tab the red button three times, then tab the yellow button five times. Level 209
Wake up the little piggy Level 210
Turn this pyramid upside down in 3 moves. Level 211
Again! What if your gilrfriend and your mom fell down into the river at the same time? Level 212
Please turn off the light for me! Level 213
Add 1 line to make this equation true Level 214
It's not winter yet! Wake him up! Level 215
Pictionary (4 words) Level 216
Drag the numbers to get the largest value. Level 217
How many curves in the picture below? Level 218
Make the elevator go down Level 219
What's the answer? Level 220
Swatting the mosquito Level 221
Break the golden egg to get reward. Level 222
If the snail exceeds the third place in the race, what rank should the snail be? Level 223
If yesterday were tomorrow, then today would be Friday. so what day is "today" exactly? Level 224
What time is it? Level 225
Please find out the check! Level 226
How can Wong get the first place? Level 227
Turn 2 rectangles into 3 rectangles. Level 228
What do you want if you had the chance to make your dreams come true? Level 229
What did people oxygen was discovered? Level 230
When hit someone in the head with the following items, which hurt the worst? Level 231
Light up the 4th bulb! Level 232
To get the smallest value. Level 233
Which of the following is the cheapest of four set meals? Level 234
Align all Level 235
How much is set No. 3? Level 236
Boy + Boy = ? Level 237
Play it again and win the game! Ming: X you:O it's your turn. Level 238
Make equation true Level 239
There were 3 ladies each with 2 daughters. How many chairs do they need for dinner at least. Level 240
Hit the bowling ball. Level 241
Please find out the heart! Level 242
Whose cellphone is it? Level 243
Hold down the screen for 3 seconds. Level 244
Help with ticket checking of the concert Level 245
Continue to watch live Level 246
Please enter a 5-digit number password Level 247
1 kilo of crab and a fish cost $11 in total. If the crab's price is $55 higher than the fish, how much does the fish cost? Level 248
Click on the largest rectangle to pass... Level 249
Gump want to get to the first floor, please help him. Level 250
To buy soda, Jack is $1 short, Gump is $0.1 short. To combine their money It's still not enough. How much the soda is? Level 251
Gump is thirsty for water after exercise but this glass of water is too hot to drink. Level 252
How to light up this candle? Level 253
Again! Drive the car to the opposite stop sign! Level 254
Put down your phone and take break. Get up tomorrow and play again. Level 255