Stage 2


Here are the answers, cheats and solutions to Pocket Mystery Stage 2.
Stage 2

Question 5 – Police received a call that there’s a dead body floating in a pond. Upon arrival at the scene, they knew that the victim was working for the park.How did they know that?
Answer – The victim is known to have worked for the park, due to the park ranger vest on his back.

Question 6 – The boat near the body is the boat this park rents out to visitors. Other park rangers made sure the boat was locked away at the end of the day. How did the boat get out?
Answer – The boat was locked away, but it is known to have gotten out due to the keys on the victim’s waist.

Question 7 – Police then found an item near the body which lead them to believe that he was with someone when he died.Which item is that?
Answer – The victim was known to be with someone when he died due to the glove floating next to him in the water.

Question 8 – Something in the scene suggests the relationship between the victim and the woman who accompained him. What is it?
Answer – A relationship is suggested between the victim and his companion due to the ring box floating in the water next to him.