Stage 3


Here are the answers, cheats and solutions to Pocket Mystery Stage 3.
Stage 3

Question 9 – A Fisher found a dead body at the lake. He Knew the Woman inside of the boat was dead by one glance. How did he know?
Answer – The fisherman knew that the woman in the boat was dead due to the knife wound in her chest.

Question 10 – Police easily found the owner of the boat. Which part of the scene helped them?
Answer – The owner of the boat was easily found due to the vessel ID number on the side of the boat.

Question 11 – The fisher was the first suspect. However, as soon as they saw that the boat had been brought
Answer – The fisher was ruled out as a suspect due to the bike that he road to the scene on. The boat was towed by a vehicle; a bike can’t tow a boat.

Question 12 – How did the police know that the boat was brought to the lake from somewhere else? The clue can be seen on the boat itself.
Answer – Police knew that the boat came from elsewhere due to the barnacles on the front. Barnacles grow in salt water, but the lake is fresh water.