Puzzle Me Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Puzzle me – Brain teasers tricky game is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

There are many tricky puzzles to test and challenge your brain. By challenging these riddles, your memory and logical thinking skills will be greatly improved. Enjoying casual games also train your intelligence!

Puzzle Me Answers
Who is the smallest? Level 1
Make the weather better. Level 2
Which color has changed? Level 3
Help the runner run as fast as horse Level 4
Put the bear in the fridge Level 5
Level Level 6
What about urgent urination! Level 7
Burst 3 green ballons Level 8
How to start dreaming Level 9
Make the equation true Level 10
Where is the little bear Level 11
Protect the bear Level 12
Find the differences in the two pics Level 13
Wipe the car clean Level 14
Let him have Level 15
Help her a good shape Level 16
Make an earthquake of magnitude 5 or higher Level 17
How to fart secretly? Level 18
Please target the location icon to the U.S Level 19
How many casrs are parked? Level 20
Let Jack stop talking Level 21
Don't touch the button Level 22
Catch the rabbit Level 23
Help the girl lose weight Level 24
Help Anni reach the end line quickly Level 25
Let tortoise win the game Level 26
The boy unsatisfied with one hamburger Level 27
Memory challenge, find the same animals Level 28
Enter the password Level 29
Your pet is too hot Level 30
Lady wants to be pretty Level 31
Rescue the bear Level 32
Help Bob find clouds, pencil and books Level 33
Which bowl has water? Level 34
Please shoot the bull's eye Level 35
How many apples are in the picture? Level 36
Find the real chicken Level 37
Find the blue. Level 38
If 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40, 5=50... Then 10=? Level 39
Low battery, how to kill time? Level 40
Make the equation true Level 41
Make the equation true Level 42
Raise the temperature of the thermometer Level 43
The boat is too tall to get through! Level 44
How many line segments are in the graph at most Level 45
Jack wants to have a mature hairstyle Level 46
What's the time? Level 47
Help the blind granny. Level 48
Obtain water in the desert. Level 49
The flower withered. Level 50
A nasty hot day! Level 51
How can I make the door open. Level 52
Wait for the progress bar to lead. Level 53
Answer below questions: Level 54
Find the fulcrum that lifts the earth Level 55
Spot the different color. Level 56
Move the hexagon to the right of the diamond Level 57
Make them fall in love. Level 58
How many birds are on the tree? Level 59
Help me Level 60
Hoe to drive the monster away? Level 61
Find 6 ducks. Level 62
Move a coin, make them a 4,3,2,1 arrangement Level 63
Words and deeds. Level 64
Help the man to lift the barbell up Level 65
How to break up the couple? Level 66
How to make the snail run forward? Level 67
Screw the Screw into the board. Level 68
How to win this game skillfully? Level 69
Find out the cola that different from the rest. Level 70
How many pandas are there? Level 71
Be quiet. I want to have a rest Level 72
How to safely dismantle the bomb? Level 73
Eliminate the virus. Level 74
Light up all bulbs. Level 75
Find the corresponding number Level 76
Have a drink with a friend. Level 77
The red light at the traffic light is broken. Fix it. Level 78
Find the biggest tornado Level 79
Find out the triangle. Level 80
Where is the photo? Level 81
Find the number 9. Level 82
What's the letter after AEBFC? Level 83
What time will the clock's hands point to in an hour? Level 84
Where are the stars? Level 85
Guess the passcode. Level 86
Keep the scales in balance. Level 87
Help! I'm melting. Level 88
Select animals by size from small to large. Level 89
$1 for one drink. Two empty bottles in exchange for one drink. How many drinks can you Level 90
How to get a higher score? Level 91
Let's cook! Level 92
Tom is reticent, make him cheerful Level 93
Select the 4 largest Numbers Level 94
Paper with a thickness of 1mm, folded five times succession, how thick will the paper become? Level 95
Find the white polar bear Level 96
Help them escape from wilderness Level 97
Help lady escape from zombie Level 98
Find all the holes? Level 99
Hit the ball into the hole without clubs Level 100
Let the balloon fly towards the ground. Level 101
Find the red packet with money Level 102
Who hurts most when hitting the head with the following? Level 103
Which is the biggest number? Level 104
8+3=? Level 105
Which is the roundest? Level 106