Stump Me Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Stump Me! – Can you pass it? is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

New :- Stump Me Challenge Answers and Walkthrough

The Sequel to Stump Me app has been released by the same developers and it’s titled as Stump Me 2, we have solved all the levels and you can find the solution here

Are you smart for sure? Take this test to find out if you’re real genius or not! xD
Stump Me is a new addictive free IQ game that full of tricky brain teasers and riddles which you can enjoy with your friends or just yourself. Each of brain teasers in this game is unique, original and creative designed to push you thinking limit. Are you smart enough to beat your friends? Take these challenges to find the real smart one! Tips: The most obvious answer is usually wrong! Run your imagination, think outside the box!

Stump Me Walkthrough
Find the biggest Fruit! Level 1
What number is it under your bag? Level 2
Find the largest color area! Level 3
Light it up! Level 4
Wake up the bat. Level 5
Find the biggest fish! Level 6
Which champagne is different? Level 7
Feed back Level 8
Could you turn on the air conditioner? Level 9
Help with ticket checking of the concert Level 10
What time is it? Level 11
Feed it with bone! Level 12
Find the smallest fruit! Level 13
This car is dirty. clean it! Level 14
Make all the water bottles the same! Level 15
Make the black hole devour everything! Level 16
How many holes are there on this cloth? Level 17
How to put this elephant into the fridge? Level 18
Make the equation works! Level 19
It is to dark. Turn on the light please. Level 20
How many candies on the tables? Level 21
Open the door please! Level 22
Whic color is the missing of rainbow colors? Level 23
How can an ant beat an elephant? Level 24
Same question. Make all the water bottles the same! Level 25
Counting her hair. Level 26
If 1=10, 2=20, 3=30, 4=40.... then 10=? Level 27
Click on the next button to pass! Level 28
Wake up this baby! Level 29
Find out a yellow duck! Level 30
Click the thumb ten times, then click the pass button to pass Level 31
What is your current body temperature? Level 32
What is the right answers? Level 33
Dry this dress quickly! Level 34
Open the box. Level 35
Make a rectangle with following shapes. Level 36
Which one is inedible? Level 37
Make a fire. Level 38
Find the most special lemon! Level 39
Look for a circle. Level 40
Continue to watch live. Level 41
Tear down this paper! Level 42
What number is it under your bag? Level 43
Which direction the cupid's Arrow goes? Level 44
Help him to do his homework. Level 45
Defeat the boss! Level 46
Unlock you phone! Level 47
Let each plate have an apple. Level 48
How many coins do I have? Level 49
Enter the passcode! Level 50
Swatting the mosquito. Level 51
Password blind guess! Press "#" to end! Level 52
Which one should not appear here? Level 53
Make the equation works. Level 54
Help the car to reach the final destination. Level 55
Change 5 bars of candy ito 6 bars of candy! Level 56
How many curves in the picture below? Level 57
Click the fruit from small to large. Level 58
Looking for a volcano. Level 59
Find the chick. Level 60
If cat 74, cat 96 the cat - cat =? Level 61
Keep the scale in balance. Level 62
Help the captain to find his hook. Level 63
When the apple appears, click it. Level 64
One day, your goddess gives you a love letter.... Level 65
Make the elevator go down. Level 66
Time to show your APM! Break the record! Level 67
Password blind guess! Press "#" to end! Level 68
Find the strongest balloon. Level 69
The doggie wants to sleep. Level 70
No Photos! Level 71
Make the elevator go down AGAIN. Level 72
Work out x. Level 73
Stunned hamster. Level 74
Whose cellphone is it? Level 75
How can this two men get together? Level 76
Which palm is most similar to hers? Level 77
Mix the liquid in the test tube. Level 78
How to make the bat fall asleep? Level 79
Let's play a game: click those fingers, and do not get bitten by the crocodile. Level 80
Keep them in balance. Level 81
Find the heart! Level 82
Help her to cross the road! Level 83
This baby is too shy! What should we do? Level 84
Help the blue team to win. Level 85
Help him to find the way home! Level 86
How can they share one apple? Level 87
Make the equation works! Level 88
Save his money! Level 89
This man want to swim. Help him! Level 90
Find queen of hearts. Level 91
Help the car move forward. Level 92
Find starts! Level 93
Stop the fire! Level 94
Confess to your girl. Level 95
Make volcano to erupt! Level 96
What should we do? Level 97
Put the phone into the pocket Level 98
Make balloons blast! Level 99
Find a lemon. Level 100
Find a bear from cats. Level 101
Turn on the light please. Level 102
Find a bird! Level 103
Feed this dinosaur. Level 104
Find the ring. Level 105
Make this girl look like higher. Level 106
I want to be lucky. Level 107
Find something to eat. Level 108
Find differences. Level 109
He needs to exercise. Level 110
Open the safe deposit box. Level 111
Combine to make a smallest value. Level 112
Jump like a frog. Level 113
Make biggest value. Level 114
Leave me alone for a moment. Level 115
Combine to make the biggest value. Level 116
Make blue elf at the right side to green elf. Level 117
Click the box at the left side. Level 118
Put them into correct Level 119
The boy doesn't like rain! Level 120
Try to clear this level! Level 121
Stunned hamster. Level 122
Defeat the rival in Rock paper Scissors. Level 123
Help him have a rest. Level 124
Dispel the ghosts. Level 125
Make the equation works! Level 126
Hide the cat. Level 127
Turn on all lights. Level 128
What's behind the paper? Level 129
You have exceeded the third place in the match. Level 130
Tap the following numbers from smal to big. Level 131
Where will the hour hand go after 3 hours? Level 132
Open the safe! Level 133
How many fingers do they have? Level 134
Tap the 3 numbers and make the sum of them to be 10. Level 135
Enter the sum of the biggest number. Level 136
It takes 5 minutes to boil an egg, how many minutes needed for 3 boiled eggs? Level 137
You're going to be late. What should you do? Level 138
Find the real werewolf. Level 139
Hit the bull's eye. Level 140
Don't tignite the bomb! Level 141
Dive to the bottom of sea to pass Level 142
How to wake her up? Level 143
This pen doesn't work. What can you do? Level 144
Find the Christmas gift Level 145
Help the crow to drink water Level 146
Small canopy can't keep the rain off. What can you do? Level 147
Help the police to catch the bad guy Level 148
It's Snowing. Catch Level 149
Cool down the hot water Level 150
Find the fish Level 151
Keep the consistency! Level 152
Find the bear! Level 153
Get the nail out of the fire bracket! Level 154
What can you do when the nose keeps running? Level 155
The ring is under which cup? Level 156
Find the ruby! Level 157
Find the bear! Level 158
Open the cover. Level 159
Let the red car win! Level 160
Hide her. Level 161
Find the largest number. Level 162
Catch them! Level 163
Tap the ball for goal Level 164
Put the wallet into the pocket. Level 165
Wake up Shin. Level 166
Which ladder is higher? Level 167
Kick to blow the cola Level 168
Do not cross the bridge. Level 169
How heavy is the fruit on the right? Level 170
How many hairs does he have? Level 171
How many teeth does it have? Level 172
It;s freezing! Level 173
Wake her up! Level 174
Write on what! Level 175
Hit the target! Level 176
Drive south! Level 177
Drill in to the wood! Level 178
Make hom be quiet for a while! Level 179
Nothing can troble me! Level 180