Stupid Game Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Stupid Game – Crazy Brain Game! – Can you pass it? is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

“Stupid Game” is a new addictive free tricky puzzle game. It includes some brain teasers, riddles, Popular jokes, common sense of life and more. It tests your logical thinking and the ability to solve problems, and tests whether you can think out of box which make you try to solve problems from a new perspective!

Stupid Game Walkthrough
Unlock screen Level 1
Help the boy pass through the puddle without wet his AJ Level 2
Choose the biggest burning torch. Level 3
What's your body temperature? Level 4
Clean the car. Level 5
Hide the elephant. Level 6
How to make the girl fall in love with you Level 7
Where's the water? Level 8
Put the figure in the corresponding dotted line Level 9
Rip the money Level 10
How to see Steve Jobs again? Level 11
How to let the girl chase the boy? Level 12
Which color took the most area of this circle? Level 13
How to defeat the monster? Level 14
Open champagne to celebrate. Level 15
Choose the following girl you want to bring home with. Level 16
How to make your boyfriend stay with you forever? Level 17
Find piggy Level 18
If Dwayne Johnson wants to compete with you, how to deal with it? Level 19
Find the hidden pocket money Level 20
Fill in a blank Level 21
Click Next level Button to pass Level 22
Click red button 15 times, then press "pass" to pass Level 23
How to stop noise on the upper floor? Level 24
make a true equation Level 25
How to make girl more beautiful? Level 26
How to tell if your Money is Real or Counterfeit Level 27
The wire broken, can you light it up? Level 28
Choose the different girl Level 29
He has constipation recently, what can you help? Level 30
Someone wants to kick you, think of a way Level 31
How to pass the grass Level 32
Combine the largest numbers Level 33
How many apples on the tree Level 34
Put your hat on. Level 35
Flashlight point to what direction? Level 36
Which bucket is different from others Level 37
Capture the star Level 38
Someone took a knife and forced you to pick one to marry, how to choose Level 39
Find out the rule and click fruits in turn. Level 40
According to the number, click the balloon from small to large. Level 41
Save the monster Level 42
Click the box on the left Level 43
What's the smallest number? Level 44
Help students get on the bus Level 45
Party in the castle! Help him enter the castle Level 46
If you can be a millioner by click a button, but it cause your bf/gf become ugly about 10%, will you click it? Level 47
Winner winner chicken dinner! how to get a chicken Level 48
After the Zombie disaster, which girl will survive Level 49
2+2= Level 50
Boring Let's have some fin! Level 51
Leo has 6 daughters. Each daughter has 1 brother. How many children does Leo has? Level 52
Which is the shortest Level 53
Let's do flashlight question again! Which direction does the light poit at Level 54
Build an earthquake with a magnitude of more than 6. Level 55
How many candles are on the birthday cake. Level 56
Which is the farthest from us Level 57
Pick up 5 apples Level 58
According to the number, click the balloon from small to large Level 59
Find out the rule and click fruits in turn. Level 60