Tricked Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


Tricked – Brain Puzzle Games is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

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Tricked Answers
Open the door Level 1
Build a house. Level 2
Make this a safe situation Level 3
Help him shave! Level 4
Find the easiest way to emoty the bathtub Level 5
Tap the biggest number. Level 6
Choose one door to escape safely Level 7
How many planets are there in our solar System? Level 8
Turn OFF! Level 9
How many sides does this figure have? Level 10
Fix the equation. Level 11
Write just one word. Level 12
turn the triangle upside down in three steps. Level 13
Save the girl! Level 14
She's Shy! Level 15
What's the time? Level 16
How mnay roosters are there? Level 17
Find the biggest apple! Level 18
She's missing something Where is it? Level 19
This king is lonely. Level 20
Wake it up. Level 21
Put all the shapes in the rectangle in just one move. Level 22
How can turtle be faster than the rabbit? Level 23
Break the pinata before the time runs out! Level 24
What comes after the ABCD? Level 25
Only one balloon has helium Which one? Level 26
Make the Moon full! Level 27
Who stole the paint? Level 28
Can you find the stars? Level 29
Find the girl with a headband. Level 30
Count the Level 31
Help him get away! Level 32
This house needs facade painting! Level 33
A Spider weaves his cobweb. Every day, the cobweb is twice Level 34
Count the fearless birds. Level 35
Complete the stickman drawing Level 36
Make a happy meal! Level 37
Help the turtle reach the shore Level 38
Don't let the bomb explode! Level 39
Find the odd one out. Level 40
Count the ears! Level 41
Take the elephant home! Level 42
Blow the leaves away Level 43
Click the yellow button 5 times and the green button 6 times Level 44
John has to exit the room Level 45
Turn the TV ON! Level 46
Find the fastest way to empty the bathtub Level 47
Count the birds again Level 48
No somking allowed! Level 49
How much battery power is left? Level 50
Play the guitar! Level 51
Cut all fruits from big to small! Level 52
Save him! Level 53
This grandpa needs to go home, but he has trouble walking Level 54
Take him to the safest place! Level 55
They want to travel Level 56
Find the ban robber. Level 57
Take the call Level 58
Make an avalanche Level 59
What's the number under the cake? Level 60
Who stole the necklace? Level 61
Who will win the staring contest? Level 62
Find the intruder! Level 63
Turn the triangle upside down in one step Level 64
What's the time of the robbery Level 65
Find the boy! Level 66
Where is their relationship going? Level 67
How many legs can you see on the screen? Level 68
Guess the word! Level 69
Light the bulb Level 70
Make four, from the stick on the screen Level 71
How much water is there? Level 72
How can this knight timetravel to 21st century? Level 73
Where's the pig? Level 74
Finish the sequence Level 75
Help him catch some fish! Level 76
Let there be light Level 77
Open the door. Level 78
Let's get this party started Level 79
Find the hard boiled egg. Level 80
These dogs are hungry feed them Level 81
Help the penguin! Level 82
Count all the bees! Level 83
Cast a spell Level 84
Finish their potion Level 85
How many sunflowers? Level 86
Something's wrong here! Level 87
Make a rocket! Level 88
Enter the house Level 89
Where's the turtle hiding? Level 90
How many holes are there in these jeans? Level 91
Wake him up Level 92
Make the biggest fire ever Level 93
He's hungry! Feed him! Level 94
Find santa Level 95
Do you believe in magic? Level 96
Find the slowest car. Level 97
Which stove top was used to cook this meal? Level 98