TrickyBricky Answers and Walkthrough [All Levels]


TrickyBricky: Train your Brain out! is an addictive puzzle game which tests our IQ level. The levels are innovative and keeps our mind alert. Some of the levels are really difficult and hence we have solved all the levels to provide answers and cheats for everyone. We have added hints for all the levels and if you need help with any specific level comment below.

Want to increase your IQ level? Or show your friends that you are not a dummy dumb? Or maybe just want to spend your free time at an interesting thing? In all those cases and more, TrickyBricky is right for you! This is not another IQ challenge!

Tricky Bricky Answers
Help children go on a trip Level 100
Put the shapes into the correct frame. Level 99
Make a cocktail Level 98
Make the baby happy Level 97
What is wrong? Level 96
Mix blue and yellow together Level 95
Save everyone! Level 94
What is wrong? Level 93
Tap the blue circle 2 times, then the pink circle 4 times. Level 92
Julie was captured by the monster. Save her! Level 91
Fill the biggest glass! Level 90
Make the equation correct Level 89
How to get gold? Level 88
How to get to your destination on time? Level 87
What character is the comic book about? Level 86
Summon the genie Level 85
Which paw is similar to the panther's raised paw? Level 84
Help Mary escape from the basement! Level 83
Can you guess a missing number? Level 82
How old is Bob? Level 81
Help Archimedes fill the bath with water Level 80
Make the equation right! Level 79
Help Newton Level 78
How many hands does a mutant have? Level 77
Rescue the dinosaur! Level 76
Who is the tallest? Level 75
Who is higher? Level 74
What happened to the dinosaurs? Level 73
Who's the first one? Level 72
Can you spot all the differences? Level 71
Start the clock Level 70
Guess the number 1 made Level 69
Help the knight to save the princess Level 68
Light the pine Level 67
Grow a flower! Level 66
Who's the heaviest? Level 65
How can a mouse beat a zebra? Level 64
The lamp is on, but why doesn't it work? Level 63
Who is in the hat? Level 62
Can you guess the answer? Level 61
Can you find the different one? Level 60
Help baby fall asleep Level 59
Build a cat out of this! Level 58
Put the rocket into outer space! Level 57
Find the biggest number! Level 56
Can you get in front of the line? Level 55
Who has the longest moustache? Level 54
Something is wrong here! Level 53
Help the squirrel get the nut! Level 52
Which one is the shortest? Level 51
Build a class by their weights Level 50
What is the minimum number of cuts needed to cut a circle into 8 equal parts? Level 49
So hungry! Make something to eat! Level 48
Which one is not a food? Level 47
Oops, this weight is too heavy for him! Can you help? Level 46
To which direction does the finder point? Level 45
Make the engine work faster! Level 44
What color is the sky? Level 43
What is the most expensive thing the thief stole? Level 42
The astronaut is lost. Save him! Level 41
Distribute the gifts fairly! Level 40
Can you fix this? Level 39
Make the soup boil Level 38
How many triangles are there? Level 37
Can you guess the answer? Level 36
Where's Santa Claus? Level 35
Which city is the closest? Level 34
Who's winning? Level 33
How many sweets does the boy have? Level 32
Heal him! Level 31
Can you enter the correct password? Level 30
What has to be instead of '?'? Level 29
No ice cream Level 28
Which one has soda inside? Level 27
Can you find all the objects? Level 26
Help a girl cross the bridge! Level 25
Count the people in the crowd! Level 24
Find the darkest color on the screen! Level 23
Tap the alien! Level 22
Make the apple fall! Level 21
Which one can you not eat? Level 20
Help Grandma Eat the Cookies! Level 19
Count the holes in the trousers? Level 18
The snowman is not happy! Level 17
Tap a donut above the text! Level 16
Get to the island Level 15
How many triangles are in the picture? Level 14
Have fun with a kid Level 13
Help the unicorn cross the river! Level 12
How many carriages does a train have? Level 11
Count the number of hairs! Level 10
Can you solve this question? Level 9
Make the black hole devour everthing Level 8
Help the old man cross the street! Level 7
Help Lucy get to work at 9:00 Level 6
Find the largest color area Level 5
Which was the first one? Level 4
Help the boy get his hat! Level 3
What color is the sky? Level 2
Count the wolves! Level 1