Word Lanes Level 114 Answers


Here are the answers and solutions to Word Lanes Level 114. An original gameplay provides a relaxing and contemplative experience that will help you improve your knowledge every time you play.

Word Lanes Level 114

  • Word Lanes Mythical beasts that breathe fire – DRAGONS
  • Word Lanes Davis, Spencer and Stone starred in The __ – HELP
  • Word Lanes Soap for washing hair – SHAMPOO
  • Word Lanes Crusty French bread shaped like a baton – BAGUETTE
  • Word Lanes Imperial weight measurement small than a pound – OUNCE
  • Word Lanes Sharpe the main character in Vanity Fair – BECKY
  • Word Lanes Barbed, like a rose’s stalk – THORNED
  • Word Lanes A taste associated with lots of sodium chloride – SALTY

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