Word Lanes Level 84 Answers


Here are the answers and solutions to Word Lanes Level 84. An original gameplay provides a relaxing and contemplative experience that will help you improve your knowledge every time you play.

Word Lanes Level 84

  • Word Lanes People carry lucky __ such as rabbits paws – CHARMS
  • Word Lanes Bill of payments due – INVOICE
  • Word Lanes Huge machine with long arm and chain with hook – CRANE
  • Word Lanes One __ and One Dalmatians, a Disney animation – HUNDRED
  • Word Lanes Dairy product used as a pizza topping – CHEESE
  • Word Lanes Medicated throat tablet, hard candy – LOZENGE
  • Word Lanes Fashion __, current styles or preferences – TRENDS
  • Word Lanes Propel a boat with a pole – PUNT

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