Word Lanes Level 87 Answers


Here are the answers and solutions to Word Lanes Level 87. An original gameplay provides a relaxing and contemplative experience that will help you improve your knowledge every time you play.

Word Lanes Level 87

  • Word Lanes Dozed, snoozed – SLEPT
  • Word Lanes Designer Coco ___ – CHANEL
  • Word Lanes Talking treatment with a counsellor – THERAPY
  • Word Lanes When a landlord throws out a tenant – EVICTION
  • Word Lanes Formal evening meal, often followed by speeches – BANQUET
  • Word Lanes Found in crops, small part of barley or wheat – GRAIN
  • Word Lanes State of prolonged unconsciousness – COMA
  • Word Lanes Style used in churchbuilding in late Middle Ages – GOTHIC
  • Word Lanes No __, sentence usually said to the press – COMMENTS

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