1. I have just completed Alien Level 20, the usual screen popped up for next level and extra hints which was odd as I had,finished all levels but I thought perhaps there were new levels. It has sent me back to the beginning of Alien level. What is the problem here? Not happy, it took a lot of time to complete it.

  2. Alien level 4 is not solvable for me. In the cheats, the first line is different from my puzzle. Same words but letters are not possible to connect. Also, I cannot collect the 2017 Summer Challenge hints. The option does not show up when I open the game. It only shows me Word Brain 2.

  3. I know all the words in Alien level 9, but cannot complete the puzzle. so frustrating. The puzzle on the app is different to the one above. As shown mailbox is one of the word but the puzzle I’m trying to complete is blanket. I need help please.

  4. On level Alien-6 the word I am trying to use is lorry but the word “g” is what is showing it should start with but it should be L. I can’t get off this puzzle because they put a g in for the first letter. Help!

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