1. Has anyone gotten to bigfoot level 9? It says it has only been completed by 1 player but I can’t imagine that’s true. I haven’t looked at them but it seems there are even cheats for that level and further levels so I just don’t see it being accurate. Let me know if you’ve gotten this far.

  2. There is a nee level, bigfoot. The anseers are om line but mot all of them work! Or at least after 30 tries, it just won’t work for me. (# 17). Desperately need a walk through! Please! Answers: Lovely, Resist, Remember, Premium, Pressure, Emphasis, Assess, Interior, Restore. Tried doing them last to first, random, in order (every which way), but no luck.

  3. Wordbrain has added a new theme: bigfoot. Thought I was finished (with your help after teacher), but evidently not! Extremely hard and only shows 1 person has completed theme. Hope you are working on this!

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