1. I suppose I should say what puzzle and level I’m on if I want an answer to my question below. It’s lizard puzzle level 9. Thanks

  2. I was playing set chef lizard in the place furter linc comon to tge games inc the letters syle linc thousand per melted tummy linc

  3. I was playing CHEF set my phone down and picking it back up CHEF is gone and LIZARD in its place – what happened?

  4. In WordBrain Lizard level 10. I can find all words but there is no way to finish Shallow as the last word. First line is HEREMN. Second line is CAREOO. Third line is ASLUOC 4th Line is FLLTDR. FIfth line is WLICEA. And bottom line is OCOPBB. Words are Picture. bedroom Bacon Face collar and shallow.

  5. Lizard number two is not listed in the answers. The letters I am working with are not the same as the answers.

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