1. Wordbrain has stopped working on my iPhone. I was on puzzle 19 of the Moose level. I miss wordbrain! What can I do to get it working again?

  2. I am stuck on Moose level 6. I have all the words but get to pumpkin and it doesn’t work. Also the walkthrough on WordBrain.com is not the same as what’s on my app.

  3. I cannot find solutions for the Moose pack? I was moving right along and then all of a sudden … how do I find it?

  4. I can’t solve the updated Moose Level 9. It’s driving me crazy. I’ve solved all the words but can’t finish. Help!

  5. Moose level 16 grid is different from the one given in the cheats answers. So the walkthrough is useless and we cannot access Racoon level 3. Help

  6. Moose level 12 is impossible. My board is not the one there are answers too. First line across is BTHATRA words are same as the ones I find on the help page but I can NOT make them work. Anyone else having same trouble?

  7. Moose level 10 ALPHON is first line. I know all the words but can’t make it work. Smile Monster. Cake ,Collar, right Etc

  8. Moose level 12 cannot be completed, it is missing one letter = “e”…. Since this puzzle cannot be completed, I am unable to move forward to the next level.

  9. I can’t get sheriff on Mooses level 17, does anyone know how. Have all the words but can’t see to get the right order for sheriff.

  10. I’m on Moose and it’s not on here. Can you please add the themes that are missing??? All of them use to be on here and some of them just disappeared .

  11. Moose level 4 cannot be solved. There are 3 L’s instead of 2 and 3 T’s instead of 4.

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