1. Raccoon level 2 grid is different from the one given in the cheats answers. So the walkthrough is useless and we cannot access Racoon level 3. Help

  2. I am stuck on Raccoon level 4. I have all the words but get to pumpkin and it doesn’t work. Also the walkthrough on WordBrain.com is not the same as what’s on my app.

  3. Raccoon level 2 is impossible. My board is not the one there are answers too. First line across is BTHATRA words are same as the ones I find on the help page but I can NOT make them work. Anyone else having same trouble?

  4. Raccoon level 3 apperas to be impossible to complete. I agree the letters make the words but “language” can’t be made as the third word as there is only one way to make “dice” and “tooth”

  5. Raccoon level 14 I can’t get the words in correct order. I get down to where I can spell smile or victory but not both.

  6. I hate it when I know all the words but I can’t solve it in order! I’ve been on wordbrain Level 12 Raccoon!

  7. Kamel Ghurani I am unable to solve Raccoon game 10. How can I skip it? I tried to solve for three days

  8. anyone on Raccoon level 14 been on this 2 days got all the answer but cannot get them to fit in order any suggestions ?

  9. Been stuck on Raccoon level 1 Windows someone please please help. Can’t find any of the words.

  10. I am in the same dilemma. I just wanted the first letters of each word but now can’t even find Raccoon! Where is it. I am on level 10. Anyone know where it is?

  11. On Raccoon -Grid ten (10) there is a “B” in the grid, but no B’s in the words. I believe rather then GLOVE, hit should be GLOBE.

  12. Raccoon level is not on here anymore . I have been using this site for weeks and for some reason today some of the levels are missing . More than one too

  13. Stuck on level 18 of Raccoon. Cannot find the hints for it. STCRLOH is what I have. Help plz. Also I have not received my hints for finishing the last category.

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