1. I need help with raven level 12. I know all the words but cant get them in the right order.

  2. Can’t solve Raven Level 2 even though I have all the words. When I view the how to solve sequence the letters are in a different order than on my puzzle.

  3. Hello. Can you help me with Raven level 20? I have the words just can’t figure the right order. Any help appreciated!

  4. Here I am again stuck on level 19 of raven, I have solved the first half of the puzzle on the right but I can’t find a way to get vertical or swing. I have tried every which way and I am lost. I am so frustrated.

  5. I can’t seem to pass Raven level 19. My grid does not look the same as the one on this page although the words seem the same. I can get the first four words to fit and then am totally stuck. I have been working on this for days!

  6. I suppose I should say what puzzle and level I’m on if I want an answer to my question below. It’s raven puzzle level 9. Thanks

  7. I was playing CHEF set my phone down and picking it back up CHEF is gone and raven in its place – what happened?

  8. I was playing set chef raven in the place furter linc comon to tge games inc the letters syle linc thousand per melted tummy linc

  9. I am on Raven Level 19, and my letters do not look at all like the ones shown here. My top row, 2nd row, etc are entirely different. I am able to make a few of the words listed, but don’t have the letters for HANDBALL (no D, only one H which is used in the first word SHOWER). There is no way to solve this and move on to the next level. What can I do?Tara D. Van Cantfort Jellyfish Level 2, PEPTER ??

  10. Level 7 in Raven theme does not match the cheat instructions at all. Necklace is not on the left side. Iy is on the right side of the pizzle when facing it. Can someone explain how to get whistle and eraser. There are not enough “e” letters to complete this puzzle

  11. The Ravens level number 13 has the letter M that is not in any of the words and the words require 3 Cs and it only gives 2. This level cannot be completed.

  12. cannot find ‘Raven’. several other categories are missing Goldfish Jellyfish Dolphin Crocodile Lizard

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