1. I have all the words for robot level 18, but can’t get them in the right order. Anyone have a walkthrough for this level?

  2. Robot, Level 15. Third word is trousers, no s found. Odkeyecp Mrbacrap Daeecnal Eolcauri Tnepettk Apehtnnc Leueaeei Pcbbgepk

  3. robot level 1. I have a the words, just can’t get the right order. I feel like the trick has to do with apple or profit. version 1.40.1

  4. there is a problem with robot level 19. my grid’s first line is: stlecdmb; not the same as online puzzle solver and seems to be missing a “b” so blouse cannot be formed. etc….what should I do to go to next…I am blocked

  5. what words are replacing blouse, cart, bow in robot level 10. missing a “b” and “s” can’t continue…very frustrating

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