1. Shark level 13: the words are coconut/loop/ocean. After swiping coconut & loop in all possible orders and tile combos it is not possible to get the tiles for the word ocean to line up to solve the puzzle. Help.

  2. Doing shark level 10 been stuck for ages!!!!! Letters not in any of the above grids!!!!

  3. I am on shark 3 – no matter how I do it the word Chimney does not line up. Cap and Record are the other two words. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

  4. I am on shark level 16 but the letters are not in the right order for me to get the last word. I know I had done the first two words correctly. Las word is chimney but the I is not next to the h.

  5. I have just started and got stuck in 11 level of shark…if anyone can help me to move on further!!!

  6. Im stuck on level 18, shark. No matter which way around I try, cannot solve it, despite knowing the answers.

  7. I’ve been stuck on shark 6 for a couple days. I just tried the hint app and it gave me letters I didn’t have.. So I tried the cheat app and it gave me words for letters I don’t have. Apparently I’m not getting past that level. 🙁

  8. None of these puzzles match the game I am playing. Sounds like a common theme. WTF? Working on shark level 180

  9. shark level is unable to be finished. Chimney can’t be done. What am I doing wrong AND I can’t move forward because of this problem….help!

  10. shark, Level 7 is impossible to solve. The first word is Meat. The second Sheriff and the 3rd is boots…..however, you can not get the “t” next to one of the “o”s. Am I missing something?

  11. Stuck on shark level 5 Can’t get word(percent) to fall in place as “c” Not connected. Cannot move on What can I do to go to next puzzle????

  12. There´s no display for level 15 shark ELRS MEAI ASSH UOOE I have an a in the first 6 letter word,(a clue) and an M as a clue in the second world, but there are no words that can be formed by the adjacent words. Frustrated! Looks like it cannot be solved.

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