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Slant Six Games

Android, IOS Games Questions and Answers


    1. Shark level 13: the words are coconut/loop/ocean. After swiping coconut & loop in all possible orders and tile combos it is not possible to get the tiles for the word ocean to line up to solve the puzzle. Help.

    2. I am on shark 3 – no matter how I do it the word Chimney does not line up. Cap and Record are the other two words. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

    3. I am on shark level 16 but the letters are not in the right order for me to get the last word. I know I had done the first two words correctly. Las word is chimney but the I is not next to the h.

    4. Im stuck on level 18, shark. No matter which way around I try, cannot solve it, despite knowing the answers.

    5. I’ve been stuck on shark 6 for a couple days. I just tried the hint app and it gave me letters I didn’t have.. So I tried the cheat app and it gave me words for letters I don’t have. Apparently I’m not getting past that level. 🙁

    6. shark level is unable to be finished. Chimney can’t be done. What am I doing wrong AND I can’t move forward because of this problem….help!

    7. shark, Level 7 is impossible to solve. The first word is Meat. The second Sheriff and the 3rd is boots…..however, you can not get the “t” next to one of the “o”s. Am I missing something?

    8. Stuck on shark level 5 Can’t get word(percent) to fall in place as “c” Not connected. Cannot move on What can I do to go to next puzzle????

    9. There´s no display for level 15 shark ELRS MEAI ASSH UOOE I have an a in the first 6 letter word,(a clue) and an M as a clue in the second world, but there are no words that can be formed by the adjacent words. Frustrated! Looks like it cannot be solved.

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