1. Sheep level is unable to be finished. Chimney can’t be done. What am I doing wrong AND I can’t move forward because of this problem….help!

  2. None of these puzzles match the game I am playing. Sounds like a common theme. WTF? Working on Sheep level 180

  3. I am on Sheep level 13 but the letters are not in the right order for me to get the last word. I know I had done the first two words correctly. Las word is chimney but the I is not next to the h.

  4. Im stuck on level 8, sheep. No matter which way around I try, cannot solve it, despite knowing the answers.

  5. I am on Sheep 13 – no matter how I do it the word Chimney does not line up. Cap and Record are the other two words. Is there anyone out there who can help me?

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