1. I’m stuck on unicorn level 6 and have been woking on it for several days. I can get every word excpt stern. I think I must be doing something wrong on the right hand side of the puzzle but I am having no luck in figuring out what it is. Please Toby if you could help me I’d be able to sleep at night.

  2. I’ve been working on finishing wordbrain for about a year, I got to unicorn level which was second to last. I was 95 percent done then I picked up the puzzle today and they added 3 more levels making me 86 percent done! Why the F$& did they do that I’m so frustrated that I’m quitting wordbrain and will tell anyone who wants to play it’s not worth it

  3. unicorn level 9 supposedly contains “blouse”. However the only letters left after solving all but cherry and blouse are ngiimt and cherry. I’m stumped on what ngiimt can possibly spell. (Certainly, not blouse!) I’ve tried every combo I can and nothing makes a legitimate word.

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