Wordscapes Sky (Air) Level 2577 – 2592 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Sky levels 2577 to 2592 in Air Pack.


  1. Has anyone gotten to Sky level 9? It says it has only been completed by 1 player but I can’t imagine that’s true. I haven’t looked at them but it seems there are even cheats for that level and further levels so I just don’t see it being accurate. Let me know if you’ve gotten this far.

  2. Hi All, I have been trying to solve Sky Level 16, I have the answers and order that they should be entered but just cant get it to work, any ideas please?

  3. I am having trouble placing the letters of the last 2 words in Sky7..I have all the words, just can’t get letters to work on server and cholesterol. Help please!

  4. I am on Sky level 4 it cannot be solved walk through is wrong on your list as letters are not in the place you have them please help me

  5. I am stuck on the first word of level 5 Sky!! I know it starts with an I. Have you been able to find the cheats for this level?

  6. I cannot solve Level 7 in Sky because pressure does not work and I can’t go to the next level. Please help

  7. I’ve been stuck on level 4 of Sky. Supreme is the first word but never fills in Very disappointing and Frustrating. Is there a glitch? A way to move on?

  8. There is a nee level, Sky. The anseers are om line but mot all of them work! Or at least after 30 tries, it just won’t work for me. (# 4). Desperately need a walk through! Please! Answers: Lovely, Resist, Remember, Premium, Pressure, Emphasis, Assess, Interior, Restore. Tried doing them last to first, random, in order (every which way), but no luck.

  9. Toby Chamberlain, would you be able to help with Sky Level 6 (STTHCETI) ? Says solved by 1 players at top. Nation seems the hardest word.

  10. wordscapes has added a new theme: Sky. Thought I was finished (with your help after teacher), but evidently not! Extremely hard and only shows 1 person has completed theme. Hope you are working on this!

  11. i am on Sky level 16. I’ve gone 93% thru wordscapes and i can’t solve this one. I’ve used hints but I’m stuck after COMMENT… can’t go any further…suggestions??

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