Wordscapes Cover (Autumn) Level 625 – 640 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Cover levels 625 to 640 in Autumn Pack.

Level 625

Level 626

Level 627

Level 628

Level 629

Level 630

Level 631

Level 632

Level 633

Level 634

Level 635

Level 636

Level 637

Level 638

Level 639

Level 640


  1. what words are replacing blouse, cart, bow in Cover level 10. missing a “b” and “s” can’t continue…very frustrating

  2. there is a problem with Cover level 10. my grid’s first line is: stlecdmb; not the same as online puzzle solver and seems to be missing a “b” so blouse cannot be formed. etc….what should I do to go to next…I am blocked

  3. Cover level 16. I have a the words, just can’t get the right order. I feel like the trick has to do with apple or profit. version 1.40.1

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