Wordscapes Red (Autumn) Level 593 – 608 Answers and Cheats


Listed below are the answers and cheats to Red levels 593 to 608 in Autumn Pack.


  1. I can get all the words for Red 15 but cannot solve in the correct order. None of the cheat sites show the same puzzle that I have. The to “row” reads FTNTETTR. Can anyone help? Tomvance@hotmail.ca

  2. wordscapes Level 12 Red is impossible to solve! My puzzle isn’t shown above. My contains the word “senior” instead of “faucet”, I’ve watched every availalbe video and followed all instructions that I can find and I still can’t solve it. I’ve been stuck on this for more than 2 weeks. Help!!!!!!!

  3. I’m stuck on Red 5. The cheat says “mailbox” is one of the answers but my puzzle doesn’t have an “x.” The puzzle I have is not the same as the one shown in the cheat. I can’t move forward.

  4. I’m on Red 8. The cheat says “mailbox” is one of the answers but my puzzle doesn’t have an “x”. My puzzle doesn’t have the same letters as the one in the cheat.

  5. Red Level 12 has a glitch. In looking at all cheat options I can see that something appears to be wrong. For example, both the words ‘jump’ and ‘faucet ‘ require a ‘u’ but there is only one in puzzle. It’s also looks like the first word ‘comb’ is on the far left row in the cheat videos but now it is in the center.

  6. I just completed Red level 12 it is possible to get Snell if you get marble by using the top Le instead of the bottom LE

  7. 48893 @@@ It appears the word bods at wordscapes don’t read the comments listed and don’t want to put right puzzles that are incorrect because it all changed after the update about a week ago.Let us hope they read this and correct the puzzle THE PUZZEL TO BE CORRECTED IS Red PUZZEL NO 12 Cant FIND GOAT JUMP Pillar AND FINALLY LEFT.I Hope you will be able to sort it out soon.ta.

  8. My version of Red level 12 is different than what I see elsewhere. The answers given don’t work with my version. The words are on different sides of the puzzle and some words in the answers aren’t even included in my puzzle. Are there two versions? I believe mine in unsolvable. Can I skip somehow to the next puzzle since the errors make level 12 unsolvable?

  9. Can someone please give me the walkthrough for the most recent 55 Red level 4? The B, R, N, E, E, B go bottom up in the lower right corner. I have all of the words like, grapes, tie, corner, brother, but there is always one word left unsolvable at the end. Can anyone help?

  10. In Red, level 2, you claim that there are 3 words with the letter u in them..salute, faucet, and suitcase. There are only 2 U s in the game!! ! Help!

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